4th AUGUST 1868

extracted and adapted from the report by

F. H. RICH, Lieut.-Col. R.E.

An accident that occurred on the 4th August 1868, at Victoria Station on the London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway. On the day named, a train for Croydon, which consisted of a tank engine (funnel in front), a second- class with break compartment, three third, two first, and a third-c1ass carriage, with a break compartment and a guard, coupled in the order 
given, started from Victoria Station at its proper time,7.30 a.m. The engine driver whistled for the platform signal, which was lowered at once, and the train started on its journey. 

On reaching the first pair of facing points, which are situated about 25 yards nearer to Victoria Station than the signal hut, the engine left the rails. The front pair of wheels of the second-class carriage next to the engine also got off the rails, and the rest of the train remained on its proper road. The two or three front vehicles had passed safely through the points ,. here the engine had mounted. except the second-class carriage, and the other coaches had not reached the points when the train was pulled up.

The train had not attained any speed before reaching the points; and as the driver reversed, and the fireman applied his break at once, it was pulled up when the engine had got about 30 yards beyond the points.

There were no passengers in the second-class carriage which was next to the engine, and there had been no complaints of any person in the train being injured.

The points and signals arranged on .the locking principle, and when the Company's officers examined them after the accident the locking was found to be very perfect, and it was so when I examined it yesterday.

A mark was found on the right-hand facing point after the accident. This point was rather thick and clumsy, and did not shut close home to the stock rail.

The engine, no doubt, mounted at this point. It has been adjusted since the accident, but does not fit as nicely as it should do. 

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