1938 - 48

Chairman Bro. F. Wilmshurst

Secretary Bro. A. Harrison 

No recorded meetings were held from 
November 28th 1937 until December 31st 1944

Meeting held on December 31st 1944

at the British Legion

3 members attended. Brother E. Tucknott, H. Stedman Chairman 

& D. Boyle Secretary. 

Correspondence read by Chairman Bro. H. Stedman, which was discussed by those present.
A discussion was held re Underground Railways action regarding Christmas day, it was agreed that support be given to this action by all branches for the benefit of all concerned.

Meeting held on December 22nd 1945

Members present F. Wilmshurst, A. Scott, A. Potter, A. Pearce, E. Tucknott & J. Brock.

Impromptu meeting held in messroom at Seaford to discuss letter from C. Branson in relation to Christmas leave, when the following resolution was forwarded to Head Office, moved by Bro. F. Wilmshurst and seconded by Bro. A. Scott. "That unless guarantee is given that all Motormen shall be booked off duty either on Christmas day or Boxing Day, we intend to withdraw our labour on both days." Carried Unanimously. Moved by Bro. A. Scott and seconded by A. Pearce. "That Chair H. Stedman and Secretary D. Boyle, Committee F. Wilmshurst, E. Tucknott & W. Smith continue in Office. 

The days holiday with pay and conditions of service, discussed

Proposed by Bro. A. Rookley & Sec. by Bro. A. Scott. "That as our Conditions of Service are a guaranteed 8hrs, and with an 11 day fortnight, constitutes 88hrs. we urge Head Office to further examine our Conditions of Service in the light of the relationship of 12 days holiday with pay to the 88hrs fortnight constituting an 11 day period, and as one day of the 12 day holiday period (i.e.) from Monday to Saturday is a rest day, we press that either 11 of the 88hrs period be paid or one extra day holiday be granted." Carried unanimously, this resolution be sent to Head Office.

The next item came on behalf of Bro. A. Pearce, through the Chairman, seconded by Bro. A. Rookley.

That as more Guards and Station staff were now employed at Seaford, was as a Branch press for the opening the question of *messroom for Motormen only, as the present room shared with other staff is unsuitable. Secretary instructed to report the matter to both the L.D.C. and Welfare Officer. Brother Stedman appointed to meet any person in whom authority is vested, to deal with the matter."

a new messroom was opened in 1963

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