Railway accident on British Railways

Southern Region 

Central Division

Epsom 4th March 1966


On the 7th March, 1966, the 20 mile stretch of railway line Shoreham-by-Sea and Itchingfield Junction, just west of Christ Hospital station closed after.

After 18 months of diesel working, passenger service were withdrawn from Monday 7th March, 1966. The last train was on the Sunday evening, the 21.28 Brighton to Horsham, service.

There was a section of line that remained open linking the Beeding Cement works to Shoreham, and finally closed in c1980

Three Bridges Driver Brian Luff & Fireman Tanner working the last train over the 

"LINGER LINE" between Horsham & Brighton via Steyning


APRIL 1966



Out of the minutes of the previous meeting an explanation was given to clarify the reference of road learning to R.S.C. L215.

One letter in the correspondence involved a signal irregularity which occurred at Brighton. It was noted that the track circuits had been altered to prevent such occurrences.

Industrial action over the 40-hour week and the October 3 ½ % was discussed at some length and the meeting decided it could not support strike action.

In the L.D.C. Report further closures were brought to the notice of the meeting, in that management now proposed to close the from Hurst Green to Lewes (which would eliminate Tunbridge Wells West and create redundancy at Brighton), and a small unit at East Grinstead. The latter indication was doubted as it’s the management’s intention to create larger rather than open further small ones.

Productivity Agreement, Clause D: it was noted that completely revised second manning rosters would be drawn up to come in April; that there was still some dispute over whether the Fireman surplus is to be considered on Regional or on a depot basis. Management contend that the overall commitment must be considered are resettlement is allowed.

Branch Chairman


Leading Motorman Charlie Scrace

The head code is to commemorate his 65th birthday and his retirement.

 Charlie Scrace seniority date 22.10.1917. Charlie was a Horsham man all of his career. He ended up as Leading Motorman at Horsham before he retired in 1966. 

His son, John is the well known railway photographer.


On the 28th May 1966 Freight Service ceased at Petworth on 28th May 1966

Brighton locomotive being demolish on the 14th August 1966




PAGE 241

At our meeting held on August 14, discussion took place on the A.A.D. report, with most emphasis on the part dealing with the review of the wages structure.

Dismay was expressed over the further delay in agreement on freight train bonus. It was thought that it was about time that there were less thoughts on pennies and shillings and more thought on pursuing a line which would give a Driver a salary eliminating the lower mileage 140, thereby eliminating also the animosity that builds up over mileage payments.

Various local matters were dealt with; these included Inter-Regional trains, N.F.P.,  route learning facilities, revision of rosters, 3rd stage N.F.P. in October.

Branch Chairman




PAGE 274


Sir. –Through the medium of the “Locomotive Journal” I would like to express my thanks to Organising Secretary Don Pullen, and both No.1 & No.4 District Councils’ Secretaries for their fine efforts in making the Weekend School, held on 8th/ 9th October, a wonderful success and really worthwhile. I feel confident our London members must have gained some benefit from the weekend in the quiet countryside of Sussex, away from the environments of town.

I personally look forward to next Weekend School, and I feel sure that I voice the opinion of most of us who were in attendance.

Best wishes for the future schools.

 J. Sayers


Three Bridges Branch.

* Plaw Hatch is situated on road between Forest Row & West Hoathley stations on the edge of Ashdown forest.

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