Eastbourne Driver Peter Hyman c1984

Tunbridge Wells Meeting 

Sunday 15th April 1984 at 10.00 a.m.

at the Welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station


On any other business Bro. I. bond asked about the depot could have a strike badge after a short debate on how many we should make. It was decided that Bros. Bond and MacDonald should make some designs for the next Branch meeting and the Secretary will post a list up to see how many badges each man wants.

Sunday 20th May 1984 

The Chairman then moved over to the floor to discuss the subject of badges. Bro. I. Bond had brought with him some designs based on a shield type badge with a picture of the old clock tower in the centre. 

It was discussed how many we should get. The Secretary had phoned up the firm who advertised in the Locomotive Journal. April 1984 and the prices he had got to show that by only getting say 50 done. It would work out around £4.50 each where as 400 would be lass than a £1 each. It was there voted on weather we should ave two badge. This was put to the floor by the Chairman. That this depot have two badges made of only 50 in number made the other of 400 in number. For 7, against 0 and abstention 1 = 8 members all voted.

The first badge of 50 in number will be of shield type as submitted by Bro. I. Bond with the colours yellow, blue and red.

The second badge of 400 in number will be of the shield type as submitted by Bro. I. Bond with the colour yellow, blue and red but the red and blue will be reversed in the second badge. The amount will be worked out and the charge to other than Tunbridge Wells drivers will be higher, the profits going to branch funds.

A vote of thanks was given to Bro. I. Bond and the Secretary instructed to write to Bro. I. Bond with a letter of thanks. All in favour.

On the question of how we are going to pay for them it was suggested that we as for the money first and they order the badges from say from each member then they will be reimburse when the final figure has been sorted our. 

Sunday 16th June 1984

The chairman then moved on to the badges being made by this Branch.  The Secretary had received from Marks of Distinction a quote which inform us that each badge would cost £1.10 and the Secretary informed the members present that he had sent to Marks of Distinction a cheque £80.50 as a deposit for work to be done. Money coming into the Branch was over £20.00 to date and the Chairman asked that if members wishing to order would they pay in advance so we the Branch would have the other £313.00 when the badges were done (not including P/P).  

Sunday 15th July 1984 

On any other business, the Secretary, Bro. J. Carney, asked if he could list the minutes the 39 members who are entitled to the special badge being made as some confusion was around to who may or may not be entitled to them.

Proposed by Bro. J. Carney and seconded by Bro. I. Bond. That the following 39 drivers second by Bro. I. Bond. That the following 39 drivers who may or may not at Tunbridge Wells West are entitled to the Tunbridge Wells West special badge because they were at the depot on July 12, 1982 and where on the Branch’s books up to or in between the May Branch meeting 20th, 1984.

It was then put forward by Bro. J. Carney and seconded by Bro. I. Bond. That all surplus of the above special badges be held in the Branch’s hands until all have claimed. All in favour.

The secretary did have a proof badge printed into lead. It was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Bro. R. Simpson. That the proof badge goes into Branch files as part of the Branch’s property. All in favour.

It was suggested that Head Office gets one of our badges for Head Office Collection. This was proposed by Bro. I Bond and seconded by Bro. J. Carney. That a badge from Tunbridge Wells West go to Head Office of A.S.L.E.F. for their badge collection. All in favour.

 1, Allen

 2, Ashdown

 3, Baldwin

 4, Bodium

 5, Breeds

 6, Brown J.J.

 7, Brown R.

 8, Carney

 9, Cocks, J.

10, Coomber

11, Cox

12, Crampton

13, Diplock

14, Dodwell

15, Dougherty,

16, Ellard

17, Elston

18, Exley

19, Gent

20, Harper

21, Harris,

22, Herriett

23, Knowles

24, Love

25, Luckhurst

26, McDonald

27, Neal

28, Nye

29, Ovenden

30, Pepper

31, Rigby

32, Stephenson

33, Sullivan

34, Taylor

35, Dore

36, Simpson

37, Marchant

38, Staggs

39, Bond


39 drivers in total. All if favour 

Sunday 19th August 1984 

The Chairman then moved on to the next 
item on the agenda, which was badges. The 
Secretary read out the list to make sure members were aware of who was entitled to them. It was then brought about Bro. R. Bridger who did in fact came into work during the 1982 strike because of fears about his pension. The Secretary was asked what he had said to Bro. Bridger. The Secretary that made him join the strike. The Secretary said he had found that weather we all got sacked or not because Bro. Bridger was over 62 his pension right was safe, but also B.R. could not touch his pension as it had no control over it. It was then the Secretary gave his assurance to him that if he joined us on strike no members knowing the reasons for his return to work would not take any action against him. It was then proposed by Bro. A. Herriett and seconded by Bro. R. Harris. That Bro. R. Bridger be entitled to a special Tunbridge Wells West badges. The vote was recorded as For the motion 11, against 1 & abstention 0 = 12 members voted. It was then asked by the member to record in the minutes the reasons why he was allowed the badge and why he worked which has been done.

01, R. Sullivan 

02, I. Bond

03, D. Nye

04, R. Simpson

05, J. Staggs

06, F. Crampton

07, P. Bodiam

08,  D. Dore

09, A. Rigby

10, R. MacDonald

11, I. Breeds

12, R. Brown

13, P. Elston

14, S. Neal

15, A. Ashdown

16, R. Harper

17, R. Luckhurst

18, F. Diplock

19, W. Overden

20, C. Exley

21, J.J. Brown

22, R. Coomber

23, A. Herriett

24, M. Allen

25, R. Bridger

26, L. Stephenson

27, C. Taylor

28, H. Marchant

29, A. Dodwell

30, G. Ellard

31, R. Harris

32, H. Love

33, A. Cox

34, P. Pepper

35, J. Carney

36, K. Knowles


38, B. Gent

39 W. Baldwin

The meeting welcomed Bro. Bill Ford from Tonbridge branch and invited him to do the draw for the badges as it was discussed and adopted that a raffle tickets be put in the box and the 38 men who were entitled to as mentioned at the July meeting. The first number from the list got No.1 badge and so on the names and numbers did come out as (see list above).  
It was decided by all member attending Bro. D. Ford from Tonbridge be allowed a badge from the extras as such was allowed No. 40.
It was suggested and again excepted by all that Head Office be given No.50 and one of the ordinary type for their collection.
That left eight badges Not. 41 to 49 inclusive, it was decided by the members present to allow those member who have been listed up at the depot a chance of having a second badge, it was made known by members that ten where interested and there were only eight. Bro. D. Ford did draw out eight tickets and the successful members were 41, Bro. W. Baldwin, 42, Bro. R. MacDonald, 43, Bro. I. Bond, 44, Bro. S. Neal, 45, Bro. R. Harris, 46, Bro. J. Carney, 47, Bro. K. Knowles, 48, Bro. L. Stephenson & 49, Bro. P. Elston.
The list of names may change as men change badges but it was the wish of the members that members should make it know who has these badges with a view of making sure only members who should have them have got them.
It was then proposed by Bro. A. Herriett and seconded by Bro. P. Elston. That the above list of names be executable to this Branch. All in favour. 

Sunday 16th September 1984 

The Chairman notices as then brought to the attention that Bro. V. Hodges N.U.R. member had purchased one of our strike badges and then sold it to another N.U.R. member for £5. When the secretary had still got some of the badges at £1.50. it was then suggested by  Bro. R. Harris that the Secretary write to Bro. V. Hodges and inform him that the Branch is upset to hear that he sold the badge so shortly after paying for it and then obtaining another from the Secretary.

Driver Adam Flowers at Broad Street

With the closure of Broad Street in c1984 Adam moved to Brighton E.M.U.T.

Adam served as Broad Street Branch Secretary up until the depot closed

Victoria E.M.U.T. closed and amalgamated with Victoria M.T. with 

the introduction of the dedicated Gatwick Express in May 1984.

Littlehampton Driver Gordon Rooke


 Maurice "Cocker" Taylor (c1984)

Maurice is seen chatting to the Mayor and Mayoress of Brighton.

Brighton E.M.U.T Drivers 

Cyril Hutchings (and his snuff box) & Fred Locke 

in Brighton messroom mid 1980s

Ian Munro Inside West Worthing Shed c1984

1970 - 1984


Railway accidents on British Railways

Southern Region 

Central Division

Redhill 30th November 1984

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