Left ~ Right: Eastbourne Train Crew Supervisor Ron Stringer 
& Eastbourne Ted Fears Jan 1986


Ore Closure Badge 


 The last Ore ASLEF Branch meeting 02.03.1986

Back Row Left ~Right :Eddie Ball, Bob Waghorne, Neil Milligan (A.S.L.E.F. D.O), 

Steve Brentall, Dennis Roberts. 

Front Row Left~Right: John Mould, Bill Arling, Syd Tingley, Jack Hoath.

Ore depot closed in May 1986 with their work being transferred to St Leonards. 

St. Leonards drivers therefore had to learn all of the Central Division routes covered by Ore depot, from Hastings to Brighton, Seaford to Hawards Heath & the Brighton Main Line to Victoria. Likewise the Ore drivers had to learn all of the South Eastern routes covered by St. Leonards.


Ore Shed in 1990 

Above Brighton Secondman Tim Schofield 
at Angmering with the Ardingly Empty wagons en-route back to Westbury 24.04.1986

Littlehampton Driver Ted Sylvester 


Eastbourne Driver Roy Townsend taking the tail lamp off the rear of 2 BIL 2090 at Eastbourne 8th June 86.


Network Southeast came into existence on the 10th June 1986

The photo was taken by Bob Dorkings

Left ~ Right Littlehampton Driver Alec Lovell 

& Railway man Sean Morris 29.08.1986


 Littlehampton Railwayman Left Les Fulcher & 

Right Littlehampton Driver Ken “Pierre" Michell

One of two version of the Streatham Hill 50th Anniversary badge




Presnent: J. Norris, E. Gates, K. Auger (St. Leonards), 

R. Dorkings, R. White, J. Sanders (Littlehampton), 

R. Thomas (West Worthing), P. Plaine, D. Knight, L. Osman, F. Locke, A. Ricketts, P. Osborne, J. Osborne, W. MacKenzie, S. Huckle, B. Noakes, A. Light, M. Organ, W. Kenchington, P. Edwards, A. Edwards, T. Fielding, R. Swetman, V. Clarke, M. Hunter, B. Brown, G. Hussey, M. Hawkins, R. Jarrett, F. Maskell, M. Thompson, S.Fortune, W. Jones, C. Horlock (Brighton Nos. 1&2), 

L. Warboys (Fratton), E.O’Keefe, R. Black & K. Serle (Selhust). (39) 

District Secretary D. Fullick took floor the chair for the first part of the meeting, he explained the reason for calling same, then handed over the floor to E.C. member J. Davies.

Bro. Davies explained the background to the productivity talk which started in 1979, and brought us up to date. He said that B. R. where looking to 1986 to push in all the so called “shopping list” back in 1982 just after our flexi rostering strike, also the monopolies commission report of 1980 looked to the possible privatisation of L. &S.E. sector of the B.R. hence B.R.’s interest in getting as much of the shopping list in as possible. He said A.S.L.E.F had argued at R.S.N.T. the safety angle against imposing Decision 92, B.R. didn’t want to know, neither did the Railway Inspectorate. 

Bro. D. Fullick then opened to questions from the floor, several points were put to Bro. Davies to which he answered (some not to everybody’s liking). Bro. Davies ended by saying any dispute over interpretation should be forwarded to the E.C., and that he was the only E.C. member who had voted against the proposals. Here the Chairman wound up the first stage of the meeting. He and Bro. Davies left.

The meeting then elected Bro. Plaine to Chairman. He read a resolution sent by Waterloo Branch to the meeting and opened the floor for questions. A lengthy debate took place on Decision 92 & the Waterloo resolution. After questions the following resolution was proposed by Bro. E. o’Keefe (Selhurst) & seconded by Bro. B. Noakes.

1 Driver’s Assistant or footplate staff to be diagrammed on ballast trainsfrom commencement of diagrams both in relation to the lack of P.N. Break and for safety reasons.

2 No driver to be called upon to couple or uncouple locos or trains under any circumstances.

3 Insist on drivers over 55 years be given the opportunity of early retirement in relation to the number of displaced drivers.

4 Insist on all intensive suburban duties to be limited to 7 hours actual time spent at the front.

5 Insist on all P.N. Breaks to be completed by the termination of the fifth hour of duty.

6 Staff Side L.D.C.’s to be given the time to examine all diagrams prior to their operation in order to ensure that all relevant agreements are adhered to by the management.

7 To give back backing to this resolution a co-ordinating committee be formed consisting of L.D.C. members.

8 Further we inform the E.C. of A.S.L.E.F. that we view with utter disgust their actions in agreeing to the implementation of Dec 92, and further the Southern Region expects full E.C. support in any action it may take to salvage the best it can from a retrograde agreement. 

Voting all in favour.

Pro W. Mackenzie & Sec M. Hawkins, 4 L.D.C. members from each division. All in favour.

Pro. E. O’Keefe & Sec B. Noakes for Bros. P. Plaine, R. Black, W. Mackenzie 

& B. Reed for Central Committee members. Voting all in favour.

Seaford Driver George Caulfield 

6th NOVEMEBER 1986

On the 6th November, 1986 a Motor Luggage Van (No.68005), whilst making an manoeuvre from the Parcel Dock collided with the buffer stops on the ’Switch Road' and struck the bridge parapet. 

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