Portsmouth Branch of A.S.L.E. & F. was founded in 1895

Railway accidents on the 


West Croydon 4th July 1895

East Croydon 31st August 1895


31st AUGUST 1895

extracted from RTCS book on locomotives of the L.B.S.C.R.

On the evening of 31st August 1895, 'Gladstone Class' Loco No. 217 Northcote. It was heading the 5.05 p.m. London Bridge - Eastbourne express, which include portions for Worthing, and East Grinstead, and consisting of fourteen vehicles. When approaching East Croydon station at about 45 m.p.h., ten carriages suddenly left the rails at the V-crossing between the up and down main the end of the lines in front of  Croydon North signal box. Eleven passengers and two guards were injured. At the inquiry it was found that the light brake van at the end of the Eastbourne portion had jumped the lines at this point because of oscillation set up by the neighbouring heavier vehicles and the unevenness of the cross over. It dragged the Worthing and East Grinstead portions off the track, but fortunately all these carriages remained upright.

Railway accident on the 


Haywards Heath 24th September 1895


24th SEPTEMBER 1895

extracted from RTCS book on locomotives of the LBSCR

On the 24th September 1895, a 'Gladstone Class' engine No. 218 Beaconsfield was passing through Haywards Heath with the 3.22 p.m.Victoria – Eastbourne Pullman express and came into collision with an empty goods truck at 50 to 55 m.p.h. This vehicle had just been thrown across the down main line by a 'D1' Class engine No.232 'Lewes', but no serious attempt was made by the staff to warn the express train, which fortunately brushed the obstruction aside and remained on the track, although every carriage and the Pullman car ‘Alexandra’ received damage. 


Brighton Driver Harry “The Captain” Finley, with his son Reginal Albert Taylor. 

Railway accidents on the 


London Bridge 27th November 1895

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