Chairman Bro. J. Cossburn

Vice Chair Bro. W. Mullett

Secretary Bro. E. King

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Special Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun February 16th 1947

7 members present

Bros. J. Cossburn, P.Knight, A. Young, W. Mullett, J. Lipscombe, C. Evans & E. King. 

The Chair was taken by Bro. J. Cossburn, on proposition by Bro. W. Mullett and seconded by Bro. J. Lipscombe.

Secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting and it was proposed by Bro. P. Knight and second by Bro. A. Young. Minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Correspondence re National Coal Emergency & proposals for National Programme were read. 

The former item was appreciated by all present and Bro. Young moved a comment. That the items listed were very satisfactory in general and the members agreed in their confidence in the E.C. Of the Society.

Proposed by Bro. P. Knight and seconded by Bro. C. Evans. Correspondence be accepted as read. Carried. 

A discussion arose of the method of booking men to work this week and due partly to the National Fuel Emergency, the outcome of which was that, proposed by Bro. J. Lipscombe & seconded by Bro. W. Mullett. That Secretary see the L.D.C. Secretary and state to him that week end bookings for work in emergency be worked out between L.D.C. Sec. & Foreman. Carried.

The Secretary impressed on those present the need most urgent for a full panel of Branch officers 

Bro. J. Lipscombe proposed and Bro. J. Cossburn to Chairman which was seconded By. Bro. W. Mullett

Bro. J. Cossburn poposed Bro. W. Mullett for Vice Chairman, which was seconded by Bro. J. Lipscombe

Secretary volunteered to serve for another year. Bro. J. Cossburn proposed Secretary Bro. E. King to be No.4 District Council Delegate, seconded by Bro. C. Evans.

With regard to the Local Trades Council. Bro. J. Cossburn and seconded by Bro. W. Mullett. That this Branch dis-affiliate from the Trades Council.

In accordance of further business, the question of L.D.C. representation was brought up and although the present L.D.C. is in office until May. Propositions were put forward for the Branch official candidates for the next L.D.C. These are as follows.

Proposed by Bro. J. Cossburn and seconded by Bro. W. Mullett. Bro. C. Wilson

Proposed by Bro. J. Cossburn and seconded by Bro. A. Young, Bro. E. King

Proposed by Bro. P. Knight and seconded by Bro. C. Evans. Bro. J. Cossburn

Left Fireman Freddie Goff taking water and 

Driver A. Norman standing by the water crane at Newhaven Harbour station

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Special Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun April 20th 1947

Bro. J. Cossburn in the Chair

11 members present

Bros. B. Piddlesden, R. Turner, C. Wilson, W. Lipsombe, J. Lipscombe, R. Hooker, 

A. Rookley, C. Lower, W. Mullett, J. Cossburn & E. King

Bro. W.J. Cleaver in attendance

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and it was proposed by Bro. C. Wilson and seconded by Bro. B. Pedlesden. Minutes be accepted as read. Carried.

Bro. A. Rookley asked a question as to the right of Secretary to vote. 

Question was raised as to procedure on Standing Orders in Branch Meetings. Secretary pointed out that the procedure in Branch Meeting had since his period of office of ten years, been in accordance with past practice. To this was no further comment.

Correspondence was then read by Secretary of the must essential up to date items and it was. Moved by Bro. B. Peddlesden and seconded by Bro. J. Lower. Correspondence be accepted as read.

Further endeavour was made then to complete the panel of Branch officers and whilst this was in progress Bro. W.J. Cleaver arrived. The outcome of this attempt,w as that Bro. R. Hooker be Assistant Secretary. As regards the attempt to get 7 committee members. Bros. C. Wilson & R. Hooker were put forward, as it is as pointed out to Chairman by Bro. Cleaver that these members were ex-officers. Chairman suggested the members present of the previous meeting who nominated the chief Branch Officers be co-opted as committee.

Committee so formed comprises Bros. 

C. Wilson, R. Hooker, P. Knight, A. Young, W. Mullett, J. Lipscombe & C. Evans.

That this arrangement apply was accepted on proposition of C. Wilson & seconded by J. Lower.

As regards the office of Branch Collectors Bro. J. Cossburn promised to assist Secretary when and where possible.

Question was asked by Bro. B. Piddlesden relating to link working and moving of men from one link to another for firing duties. From the discussion that arose, Bro. Cleaver also responded to the question to point out that such movements were governed by agreements and if L.D.C. Agreements on the matter were violated by the Company's representatives such should not be allowed where it related to appointed men. In all cases the L.D.C. Determined which was senior work and the disposition of the men. Bro. Piddlesden's second question was in relation to the number of Firemen loaned out to other Depots, whereas no men were sent to Newhaven to be worked to olviate


A question arose regarding the proposal to merge the "Pilot Link", which proposal had not been put into affect from discussion there on it was moved by Bro. Piddlesden & seconded by Bro. J. Lower & Bro. J. Cossburn. All Firemen at an early opportunity to give effect to this merger. Carried. There being no further business of a local matter, Bro. Cleaver was invited to address the meeting, which he did and prefaced his remarks by notting that it was a great pity that it had got to the April meeting before a could elect all it's Branch Officers, and called for a different outlook to this.

The speaker pointed out that it was apathy amongst the rank and file that really caused the percentages reductions to take place in 1930-1931 and took the Society until 1938 to recover that which they had lost, it took until 1938 to really get that which had been won in 1920! Bro. Cleaver pointed out that advances must be made there was no standing still, and if advance was not made things went back, this was retrograde and the aim and ambition of all was for advancement and it was only by attendance at meeting that resolutions could be made and forwarded to the Head Office for the guidance of the Executive Committee, and the formulation of a programme. 

This was a call to all members especially the younger members.

At the close of his address Bro. Crossburn asked for suggestions of any notice and so no member to ask any questions, Bro. Cossburn asked if any information was forthcoming re the proposed National Agreement and what Railway had been made. Bro. Cleaver replied that another meeting pending and he was no better informed than us.

Secretary asked Bro. Cleaver to give on the political fund which Bro. Cleaver did explaining the aim for political representation on and only the Government but all the originating bodies that will be involved in the National Railways etc.

Previous to terminating his address. Bro. Cleaver to the function that will be required of the L.D.C.s and Sectional Councils insofar as the Management of and operation of the Transport by rail of the National Transport system and pointed out that foresighted and systematized policy, will be required to make publicly owned railways a true success.

Ron Terrill Collection

L~ R: Driver Alf Charman (13.1918) & Fireman Charlie Evans,

Driver Earn Eacott (5.11.1917) & Fireman Tim Norman

photo taken at Newhaven Marine station


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