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MARCH 2006

Standing Room Only at Victoria

I feel compelled to write ti the Journal about a notice that has appeared at our depot entitled 
‘Victoria Station Concourse.’

Which appear to have a recent addition to the staff team at Victoria who has seen fit to 
implement changes, apparently to improve life for our Customers, in-line with ‘Being 

The first application was to remove the seats in the vicinity of the barriers.

Reason? It is not good for the Southern image to see members of staff smoking, eating or 
drinking in view of the public.

Apparently, a member of staff was seen with his/her head buried in a Buck of K.F.C. It has 
been suggested that if they had been consuming ’Southern Fried Chicken’ this might have 
been acceptable! 

Recently we received a booklet about fatigue and solutions to combat its effects as well as 
discussing the subject at a recent Safety Day.   

It states that, when feeling fatigued, it is good practice to get out of the cab and get a coffee. 
Unfortunately the seats have now been removed and they have failed to provide any where 
else suitable. 

Removal of the seats has also antagonised travellers who like to sit and wait for their train to 
arrive and then be guided to the relevant platform by a member of platform staff, or a 
member of train crew.

Management talk about us ‘Being Southern’ but want to take us out of public view. Are they 
ashamed of us?
If you ask customer to test their priorities on train travel, I can’t imagine that seeing train 
crew having a cup of coffee and smoke would be listed!

The notice also mentions the Smoking Policy which Southern implements.
The smoking policy is inconsistent and ill applied and is briefed out in a confrontational way.

Local mangers quite happily smoke in non-smoking parts of build.

Finally, we are told Being Southern is about being customer focuses. This may come as a 
shock but train crew automatically help passengers if needs arise. This has been instilled in 
them, not by Southern - but by their parents from an early age.

P. M. Overington

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