Chairman Bro. F. Wilmshurst

Secretary Bro. A. Harrison 






I have also attended meetings at Yarmouth, Hampstead (for a conference of L.D.C representatives), and at Seaford. 

The latter place has been made a depot in connection withe the electrification of the Southern Railway. Bro. A.E. Harrison migrate there from Battersea, and it was not unexpected when overures came from him for the opening of new branch. The usual arrangements followed, and at the initial meeting we were favoured by the attendance of Bros. Joe Satchwell, George Walters, and other members of Battersea branch. Just like a cameo of old times to see our members travelling about to attend meetings. The Seaford Branch was declared open, with Bro. "Bert" Harrison as secretary, and Bro. F. Wilmshurst as chairman. We all join in greetings to this new branch of the Society.

Seaford Branch Meeting

September 6th 1935

Bro. F. Wilmshurst in attendance only (no meeting). 

Seaford Branch Meeting

October 6th 1935

A discussion arose over the Chairman & Secretary being elected Pro Term explanation given it was then moved by Bro Stedman and seconded Bro Garman, Bro. F. Wilmshurst be Chairman for the ensuing year. Carried.

Pro Bro Tucknott Sec Bro Stedman A.E. Harrison be Secretary for the ensuing year.

A discussion then arose re Standing Orders, the time & re future meetings, Proposed Bro Tucknott and seconded Bro. Stedman, meetings be held at 9 Pelham Place, at 11. a.m., first Sunday in each month. If insufficient members are in attendance to form a quorum books closed at 11.30 a.m. should there be a meeting same to close at 12.30 p.m. Carried.

Proposed Bro. Stedman and seconded Bro Garman with the exception of item No.1 we adopted Battersea Branch Standing Orders. Carried.

Proposed Bro. A. Harrison and seconded Bro Tucknott that 3 members become a quorum owing to our small Branch. Carried.

Proposed Bro. E. Tucknott and seconded Bro Garman, that Bro Stedman be Check Steward. Carried.

Proposed Bro. E. Tucknott and seconded Bro H. Stedman. "That Bro. A. Harrison be Insurance AgentCarried.

Proposed Bro Garman and seconded Bro.H. Stedman.

That two off each shift become Committee members,Bro. W. Smith & Bro. A. Pearce, Bro. Scott & Bro. E. Tucknott.

Secretary to get in touch with those not present for their consent to act as same. Carried

Proposed Bro. H. Stedman and seconded Bro. E. Tucknott. "That, A. Potter & G. Sargent become members of 
this Society.

Proposed Bro. H. Stedman and seconded by Bro. E. Tucknott. "The Secretary approach the Company for T.U. notice board as soon as opportunity arises for hanging of same."

November 3rd 1935

Officers present Chairman A. Harrison, Secretary F. Wilmshurst, 

& Bros. H. Stedman & E. Tucknott.

A discussion took place on the question of having a suitable room for Motormen to make out returns, F.&F. likewise the availability of suitable means of obtaining drink water and lavatory accommodation, wash bowls etc.
It was mentioned the most suitable place would be the General Waiting Room it was then moved by Bro. H. Stedman, seconded Tucknott, "the Secretary write Mr. H. Jones direct re above". Carried.

It was decided to lay correspondence re-election of Organising Secretary on table for next meeting.

Correspondence read by Secretary to the Company Head Office & letter from Head Office to Sir H. Walker re the very dirty state of cabs front windows and reference to a saw dust & eyesight. Moved Bro Tucknott and seconded Bro. H. Stedman, "We endorse Secretary actions compliment him on same". Carried

A discussion then arose, re look out windows in cab, it was decided for Secretary to get in touch with General Office, and other Depots to endeavour to get size of same reduced owing to size and braking same with a view to minimize the danger to motormen and means be provided for cleaning same. Agreed.

Special Meeting Nov. 24th 1935

To discuss letter from Bro. Lewery (B’ton No. 2 Branch), Re- Xmas, & Good Friday, Holidays, & Representation.

Officers present 

F. Wilmshurst Chairman, A. Harrison Secretary, 

Bros. A. Pearce, A. Potter & W. Smith.

After discussion & letters read from Bro. W. Lewery, moved Bro. Potter, Sec. Bro. Pierce. Then men that work Xmas day be off Boxing Day this to be worked in a cycle. That is to say no man to be off duty a second time before cycle is worked through.

No leave of absence be granted unless representatives agree. Carried Unanimously.

Moved Bro. Pierce, Sec. Bro. Potter. That a draw be held in public 7 early turns, being 1 to 7 A, late being 1 to 7 B, this cycle be sent to Waterloo for their guidance for booking men off on above days. Carried Unanimously.

Moved Bro. Smith, Sec. A. Pearce, "That Good Friday be worked on and a separate draw be taken for same". Carried Unanimously.

That we agree Secretary write out above and all men be asked to sign in favour of same.

Moved Bro. A. Pearce, Sec. Bro. A. Potter. "That this Branch is in agreement with the Machinery of the Rail Act 1921 (I E) two Depots Representatives for Ore, Eastbourne & Seaford.

This to be laid before meeting at Ore, Dec. 1st

It was then put to meeting. We have confidence of Secretary dealing with the above business on our behalf. This is in reference to Mr. Roberts remarks to Bro. W. Lewery. Carried Unanimously.

Bro. W. Lewery then entered the Branch Room straight from work and gave explanation of what transpired at L.D.C. meeting 19th Nov.

The secretary was then asked to write Bro. Jeans, asking if he could produce any minutes of Sec. Council re Mr. Roberts remarks.

A vote of thanks to Bro. W. Lewery for coming over as above and for information he gave. 



At the meeting held on November 3rd a discussion took place as to some alteration being asked to be made for the benefit of the motormen's cab front windows. In the first place, it is hardly possible in a damp atmosphere or drizzly rain to see signals at the distance, and the appliances for cleaning these are not suitable, as at times they make them very smeary, and they are difficult to use with only one hand available, the other being fully occupied with Dead Man's Handle. This refers to all cabs except those fitted with air machines for working same. in the next place it was pointed out the unnecessary size of same, as at present when they get broken by birds, etc., a reduction in size may prevent this happening. Further, they could be made so that motormen could wipe outside. During the sunshine, again it would be helpful if it was reduced in size, giving the motorman opportunity of getting a view of signals without the glare of the sun penetrating through the window as at present, with reduction at the top of 8 or 9in., 4in. left side, 6in. right side, and 6in. at bottom of look-out front window motormen's side. It was likewise put forward the right side could be blanked, thereby preventing the possibility of same at any time any time being broken or the sun penetrating through as at present. I was instructed to get views of other motormen's branches, in particular the men working main line trains. This will no doubt be well discussed, and with that in view I am asking our Editor to published same, I may then receive the opinions of a number of motormen.


December 29th 1935 

Meeting cancelled owing to the Secretary being informed by members they could not attend

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