Members present M. Thompson, M. Hawkins, J. Osborne, T. Fielding, P. Edwards, 

M. Bloomfield, C. Newton, & W. Mackenzie.

New members
Proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Thompson. “that M.D. Harris, L. Finestone & P. Fourneir be accepted as members to A.S.L.E. & F.” Voted unam in block.

Health & Safety
Matters over messroom and sidings issue are being dealt with Bro. M. Hawkins who has been attending a H&S course express the point that member should be made aware of the implications of not carry all drivers equipment and that he fulfils the duties of a drivers within the B.R. rules etc., as this will not affect any compensation or discipline against members.

L.D.C. Report
A meeting on the Ardingly work was due to be held Monday January with Western Region. Changes to diagrams i.e. P/As to come into effect 21.1.91.
Agenda meeting with Train Crew Manager over holidays, comp. leave, training/routes etc was called for on the 15th



Members present R. Abell, R. Matthews, D. Knight, G. Postance, J. Osborne, M. Hawkins, 

F. Locke, I. Osborne, B. Brown, M. Hunter, M. Bloomfield, & W. Mackenzie

New members
Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded G. Postance. “That P.W. Barber, S.D. John, L. Amner & N. Moye be accepted as members 
of A.S.L.E. & F.”

Health & Safety Report
Bro. M. Hawkins, Hove sidings available for use, wearing of H.V.V., walking routes in view of accident claims to make sure in the case of a claim accident book.
Disciplinary action on individuals not wearing H.V.V. in the correct places, or use unlawful walking routes.

L.D.C Reports
Loss of Ardingly work to Old Oak Common, further loss of Lavant – Drayton work, possible. Loss of Mixed Traction work at Brighton depot.
Forthcoming link movements, all vacancies at Brighton frozen at present. Introduction of Hidden Report by Project Manager, to be implemented by October 1991. maximum of thirteen consecutive turns to be worked.
Agenda meeting, computerised route cards, to ensure drivers do not sign route not worked in over in the previous six months as per Natural Agreements, forthcoming meeting of D.O.O. operations.


Barry Brown, at Gatwick Airport 1991


HELD ON MARCH 4th 1991

Members present C. Newton, W. Mackenzie, R. Stobbard, T. Fielding, P. Edwards, 
J. Osborne, R. Abell, I. Osborne & A. Farmer.

New Members
Proposed P. Edwards & seconded A. Farmer. “That Trainman ‘D’ Bro. C.W. Witcher be accepted as a member of A.S.L.E.&F.” vote all in favour.

L.D.C. Reports
Chairman commented on changes to May/June rosters, link movements and work to the depot. 
Concern over Ardingly and the way Old Oak Common men are operating, clearly against conditions of service.
Expect loss of Lavant/Drayton stone traffic. 
Drivers requested to not sign for any routes that have not been use in the last six months.
Will seek “Rest Day Agreement” with Train Crew Manager at the first opportunity.
All other matters brought to the attention of the L.D.C for their attention.


HELD ON APRIL 8th 1991

Members present I. Osborne, R. Matthews, J. Osborne, T. Fielding, M. Hawkins, P. Edwards, 

M. Bloomfield,W. Mackenzie & G. Postance.
New members
M. Hawkins & seconded G. Postance. “That P.J. Knapp, P. Dewitt, J.W. Spiers, M. Bradford & B. Williams be accepted as members to A.S.L.E.F.”

Health & Safety
Correct procedure of safety of units berthed in Lover’s Walk shed sidings for heavy cleaning purposed prohibited, propelling of trains into the station (Brighton). 
Wearing of High Visibility Clothing/Vests, authorised walking routes, Authorised walking Routes.

L.D.C. Report
319/1 “Smoking Compartment” Branch resolution “That branch instructs the L.D.C. to inform management that working of Class 319/1 from the driving compartment adjacent to the smoking compartments is unacceptable.” 
Proposed G. Postance & seconded T. Fielding vote all in favour.
May diagrams loss of Lavant/Drayton work.
Comp leave/annual leave days, all minus to be removed from leave statements.

Comp leave/annual leave days, all minus to be removed from leave statements, Stop Order, overtime not compulsory if incurred by acceptance of a stop order, safety meeting with management to be held 21st April, 1991.

Stop Order, overtime not compulsory if incurred by acceptance of a stop order.
Safety meeting with management to be held 21st April, 1991.


HELD ON MAY 14th 1991

Members present I. Osborne, M. Hunter, M. Hawkins, T. Fielding, P. Edwards, R. Stobbart, 

M. Thompson, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, P. Pollard & J. Osborne.

“Driver Restructing” 
Circulars Nos. 112,119, & 99, were read out. These circulars give us the position the union are progressing, talks will no doubt be long and hard but members will has the final say via ballot, members will be kept fully informed on any further talks.
1991 Pay Talks these are still being dealt with although at present there is no break through.

Health & Safety
M. Hawkins confirmed that recent trials in smoke entering cabs on 319 units proved that smoke did enter the cabs and that new type of doors seals would be fitted.
Position of drivers preparing 319 units when unable to enter units particularly at out berthed units i.e. Gatwick Sidings .
Brighton Messroom and problems of fly’s 

L.D.C. Report
On present changes into diagram workings, report on D.O.O. working arrangements and the recent study into D.O.Operation.
The matter regarding the letter posted in the messroom by Bro. A.T. Farmer and allegations made towards members of this branch. Chairman explained the position of the branch and its involvement with the social fund we clearly felt that the allegations were libel and deflamatory, the following resolution was put to the branch. 
“That this Branch requires a full retraction from Bro. A.T. Farmer on the allegations put in the letter posted on the notice board on the 12.05.91 and also a full public apology to those members who received copies of the letters.” Proposed R. Abell & seconded M. Thompson. Voted unam.

New Membership
New application by trainee drivers was submit to the branch B.G. Shilliam. Proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Hawkins. “That the applicant be accepted by this branch.” Vote unam.




HELD ON JULY 22nd 1991 AT 18:45

Members present G. Postance, T. Fielding, M. Cole, P. Edwards, T. Farmer, R. Stobbart, 

P. Gambling, W. Mackenzie, P. Pollard, M. Hawkins, M. Hunter, I. Osborne & C. Newton. 

* L. Worboys

New Membership application
Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded G. Postance. “That H.R. Penter be accepted as a member.” Voted unam.

Health & Safety
M. Hawkins informed us of his visit to Ilford with regards to 319/1 revised cab ventilation. 
The problem of weeds, and foliage still remains a problem Bro D. Gillam’s position explained.

L.D.C. Report
Bill Mackenzie referred to the Area Mangers request to review the “Hidden Report.” Regards to “Staff Parking Arrangements” position explained.

District Secretary’s Report
Bro. Len Worboys was welcomed to the branch and expressed his thanks to speak. Len gave an in-depth report on signal 
irregularities particularly “Purley” and just how they are investigated. Next he gave us a break down on the latest talks of 
restructuring. Question’s on these and other matters were put and answered.


Retiring Brighton Drivers July 1991

Left - Right: John Naisby (Train Crew Manager), Cyril Hutchings, Roy Sweetman, 
Norman Light, Don Hill, Harry Mitchell & Gus Wright


HELD ON AUGUST 27th 1991

Members present I. Wilson, R. Matthews, M. Cole, M. Hawkins, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, 

B. Brown & M. Bloomfield.
New Members
Propsed M. Hawkins & seconded I. Wilson. “That Bros. Christie, Cliff Cook, Coombes & Parry, be accepted as members of A.S.L.E. & F.” vote Unam.

Proposed R. Matthews & seconded I. Wilson. “That £25 donation be given to the Local Trade Union ‘Labour’ Urgent Appeal.” Vote unam.
W. Mackenzie be nominated to attend the 1992 Annual Assembly of Delegate. Propsed M. Hawkins & seconded I. Wilson. Vote unam.

Health & Safety Report
Bro. M. Hawkins, Health & Safety Rep.
Position of no-smoking in the first class on 319/1.
General clearning of foliage be undertaken in Brighton Area.
The importance of having a union representative at any inquests attended by members.
The dangers of filling out report forms after an incident.

L.D.C Report
Clearer understanding of the effects of implementation of Hidden Report.
No changes at present to the October workings.

Martin Bloomfield

Brighton Assistant Branch Secretary



Members present R. Matthews, M. Hawkins, P. Edwards, I Wilson, J. Osborne, I Osborne, 

T. Fielding, A. Allen, W. Mackenzie & M. Bloomfield.

“That £25 donation be given to Craven Tasker Dispute.” Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded P. Edwards.“That £25 donation be given to Offshore Industry Hardship Fund.” Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded P. Edwards.
“Proposed £100 be donated from branch funds to assist the members going to the weekend school at Portsmouth on October 17th 1991.” Proposed P. Edwards & seconded M. Hawkins.

Health & Safety Report
Chichester Yard – proposed new walking route. Time of leaf fall season, drivers will be supported in their on whether to drive 
over a certain route. Accidents at work - report this to LDC or Health & Safety.

L.D.C. Nominations
M. Hawkins Proposed T. Fielding & seconded R. Matthews
J. Osborne Proposed I. Osborne & seconded M. Hawkins.
No further nominations

L.D.C Report
New rosters – little change, Link Movements on 14.10.91.
Bro. A. Allen was welcomed to the branch and expressed his thanks.
Tony gave a informative report on the implantation of Hidden Report 18. Information was given on Safety training and how this will be carried. Questions were then asked and answered.

Proposed P. Edwards & seconded J. Osborne. “That this branch instructs the Executive Committee to enforce the resolution passed on the 25-36 July 1991.”



Members present P. Edwards, M. Bloomfield, T. Fielding, W. Mackenzie, C. Newton, 

M. Hawkins, J. Osborne & P. Osborne,

New members
Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded J. Osborne. “That P.A.S. Rayment be accepted as a new member.” Voted Unam

L.D.C. Elections
With no further nominations Bros. M. Hawkins & J. Osborne are carried.

Branch Officers Nominations
Proposed list of members be accepted as nominations
Chairman W. Mackenzie
Chairman Assistant P. Edwards
Secretary C. Newton
Asst Sec M. Bloomfield
Trustees M. Hawkins & D. Pumfrey
Auditors T. Fielding & R. Matthews
District Council W. Mackenzie
Committee Members M. Hunter, D. Knight, J. Osborne, L. Osman, F. Locke, I. Wilson, P. Osborne & I. Osborne.
Trade Council A.A. Flowers + vacancy
Labour Party Delegate Vacancy

L.D.C. Report
Hidden Report, introduction deferred until December, possibly longer. 
Additional diagrams, management/L.D.C. agreed to look at these.
Loss of “Class 73” work, and the increase of Brighton /Bedford work next May.

Health & Safety Report
Leaf fall problem and letter posted in L.D.C. notice case.
Proposed H&S action in L.W.S and withdrawal of action pending further H&S Rep information. Proposed walkabout by H&S 

Bro. P. Osborne raised problem over matter of additional payment for making reports.

Brighton Driver Tony Farmer



Members present R. Matthews, P. Edwards, M. Cole, J. Osborne, I. Osborne, P. Osborne, 

M. Hunter, M. Hawkins, W. Mackenzie & I. Wilson.

Election of Assistant Branch Secretary.
Due to the resignation of M. Bloomfield, a new Assistant Branch Secretary had to be elected. Proposed W. Mackenzie & seconded J. Osborne. “That I. Wilson be proposed as Assistant Branch Secretary.” Carried Unam.

Appeal from Brighton Unemployment Centre. “That £25 be donated.” Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded M. Cole. Carried unam.
Apeal from Card Setting Machine Tenters Society. “That £25 be donated.” Proposed M. Hawkins & seconded R. Matthews. 
Carried unam.

New Members
Proposed P. Edwards & seconded R. Matthews. 
“D. Chumbley, A. Cole & E. Larkin, be accepted as new members.” Carried unam.

Health & Safety Report.
Report on smoking in cabs of units.

L.D.C. Report
Suggestions for the Agenda meeting, link moves to commence on 16.12.91., Gatwick work no further information, roof still leaking in Messroom over kitchen units.

M. Cole express his appreciation in all the help he received during his inquest from the Brighton L.D.C. and L.Warboys.
Claim for petrol allowance for getting home on Christmas Eve.



Branch Meetings
“That Branch meetings be Bi-monthly on alternate shifts, to be monitored after six months.” Proposed  P. Edwards & seconded J. Osborne. Carried unam. 


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