Littlehampton Driver Fred Janaway, 

Littlehampton ASLEF Branch Secretary c1980 - c1990

Seaford Driver Bill Lipscombe

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Tuesday 13th May 1980 

Branch Secretary explained the reason for the meeting being explained

Members present W. Tansell, S. Cheal, H. Allen, C. Wickenden, F. Wheeler, R. Morris 


Correspondence, The Chairman read a letter signed by nine other members of the Seaford Branch. Voting procedures were discussed by the floor. Proposed by Bro. H. Allen & Seconded Bro. C. Wickenden, 

That the following resolution be adopted, and PLACE BEFORE THE E.C. of the A.S.L.E.& F." Carried

"That this Seaford Branch gives a vote of confidence in our Branch Secretary, Bro R. Morris in complying with the wishes of the last Branch meeting and endorses his letter to Bro. W. Mullett dated 13th February 1980. 

Further, that Bro. J. Bowlden and D. Smith be transferred to No.1 and No.2 Brighton Branches as per rule 7, and that any matter deemed to be repugnant of insulting be ignored."

"Further, That this Branch demand that the E.C. obtain all detailed information from Organising Secretary N. Milligan, as why he discussed and advised a Seaford member (unknown at the of this resolution) without the consent of the Seaford Branch Chairman or Secretary to hold another L.D.C. Representative election, which would include members of this Seaford Branch (not yet transferred under A.S.L.E. & F. Rule 7) who do not work at Seaford Depot, to be included in any L.D.C. Representative vote."

"Further, That our Branch Secretary forward the document containing 9 signatures, to be placed before the E.C. in order that such necessary steps can be taken to obtain a written apology from Seaford member Bro. W. Mullett for soliciting Seaford members to sign the enclosed document thereby contravening Rule 37 clause 4 paragraph 3 of the A.S.L.E. & F. Rules."


The last recorded meeting of the Seaford Branch of A.S.L.E.& F. 

was on Tuesday 13th May 1980 

From June 1980 ~ July1992 Seaford A.S.L.E.& F members become 

part of the Eastbourne Branch.


Brighton Secondman Matthew Cole standing in front of a class 73 at Lavant stone quarry, holding the Fishbourne - Lavant staff

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