Chairman Bro. D. Judges

Vice Chairman Bro R. Chamberlain
Secretary Bro. R. Scott

Quarterly Meeting ¼  17th March 1963

Meeting commenced 10.45 closed 12.50

Members present Bros D. Judges, A. Arnold, G. Philpot, J. Hawker, R. Taylor & R. Scott

Minutes read and declared true , proposed by Bro. A. Arnold and second Bro. J. Hawker.

Correspondence read and discussed and instructed to write to Head Office on wording of Clause 1 Appendix A of 

‘Call up of reservists of regular forces.’

District Council Report

Given by Bro. D. Judges who declared his report was mostly covered in correspondence and discussion.

Other Business

Secretary quieried Bro. H. Carey’s position arranged for L.D.C. members to make inquiries of Mr. Lelew, and if no information forthcoming, secretary to call on Bro. H. Carey.

Meeting instructed to contact Bro. D. Sargeant regarding joint meeting of St Leonards & Ore Branches while General Secretary is in Conference at Hastings.

Bro. G. Philpot queries loss if concessions i.e. Free & Priviledge tickets. Meeting decided we could not do much regarding this matter.

Election of E.C. Member

Proposed by Bro. R. Taylor and seconded by Bro. G. Philpot, carried. That this Branch support Bro. Collins. 

Election of Assistant General Secretary

Proposed by Bro. R. Taylor, we support Bro. Buckton, not seconded.  Proposed by Bro. G. Philpot and seconded by 

Bro. J. Hawker. Carried. That this branch support Bro. Pinches.

Most of the meetin was given to discussion of the Redundancy, Transfer & Retirement Arrangements (P.T.&R.A.).

 Quarterly June meeting 23rd June 1963

Commenced 11.0 and closed 12.30.

Members present Bros. D. Judges, R. Clarke,  C. Wiseman, E. Spray, J. Hawker & R. Scott.

Minutes read and declared true record, proposed by Bro. Hawker and seconded by Bro. D. Judges.

Arising from the minutes Re Bro. H. Carey, Bro. J. Hawker L.D.C. Rep informed Branch that Bro. H. Carey is still on commissions employment but not yet working. 

Branch Fund to continue to pay Bro. H. Carey’s Society Fund and Political Fund.

Correspondence read and discussed.

Branch decided that reply to letter re reservists was not very enlightening, but as no one at Ore depot is affected decided to await events.

Election of Assistant General Secretary

Proposed by Bro. R. Clarke and seconded by Bro. c. Wiseman. Carried. That this Branch supports Bro. Buckton

Election of E.C. Member

Proposed by Bro. R. Clarke and seconded by Bro. E. Spray. Carried. That this Branch support Bro. Renshaw.

Other Business

Bro. A. Lennard complained that clothing was not to hand i.e. Summer issue of trousers. Branch referred Bro. A. Lennard to L.D.C. and stated if no satisfaction forthcoming then he should notify Branch Secretary.

December ¼ meeting 1963  8th December 1963

Commenced 11.0 closed 12.25

Members present Bros. D. Judges, R. Chamberlain, J. Hawker, C. Wiseman, E. Spray, 

A. Arnold & R. Scott.

Minutes read, fully discussed and declared true, proposed A. Aranold and seconded by Bro. J. Hawker.

A.A.D. 1964, proposed by Bro. E. Spray and seconded by Bro, A. Arnold. Carried. 

That this branch support Bro. S. Cheal. 

Election of two Organising Secretaries

Proposed by Bro. R. Chamberlian and seconded by Bro. J. Hawker. Bro. Pinchess.

Proposed by Bro. C. Wiseman and seconded by Bro. A. Arnold Bro. Atkinson.

Carried. That this branch support Bros. Pinchess & Atkinson

District Council Report

Branch representatiove Bro. D. Judges reported everything covered in correspondence which was read and discussed in full.

L.D.C. Report

L.D.C. Chairman stated, Secretary had nothing to report.

Other Business

It was stated that draught cab forms received from Inspector Denton last year had not been seen since receipt. L.D.C. 

Chairman agreed to look for same and place in a position of easy access.

Branch instructed Secretary to send correspondence to Sectional Coincil stating dissatisfaction regard the fit and late 

arrival of clothing, also the delay in returning of clothing sent back for alteration of size. Secrtary to supply Bros. D. Judges and R. Chamberlain with a list of Branch members who are are not members of Branch Fund. 

Election of Officers

Re election en block but substitute Bro. E. Spray vice Bro. H. Carey. Proposed by Bro. R. Chamberlain and seconded by Bro. J. Hawker. Carried.

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