Chairman Bro. R. Taylor

Vice Chairman Bro D. Roberts
Secretary Bro. L. Baldwin

Meeting held 19th March 1971

Commenced 10.50 close 12.30

Members present Bros. R. Taylor, A. Wray, S. Tingley, E. Spray, A. Stratton & L. Baldwin.

Minutes of last meeting were read, discussed and found to be correct.

Correspondence was read and discussed.

P.T.R. & Closure if Depot

Two replies from letters written on the above were read and discussed.

Election of Assistant General Secretary

It was proposed by Bro. E. Spray and seconded by Bro. R. Taylor. 

That the Branch should vote for Bro. D. Pullen. Carried Unanimously.

L.D.C. Report

A report on working to stat on 4th May 1971 was given by the L.D.C. from Bro. S. Tingley. These were fully discussed and agreed prove.

Meeting closed 12.30 

 Meeting held 18th July 1971

Commenced 10.50 close 12.20

Members present Bros. R. Taylor, R. Chamberlain, S. Tingley, F. Jenner, A. Stratton, E. Spray & L. Baldwin.

Minutes of last meeting were read, discussed and found to be correct.


A letter from Ore L.D.C.’s Secretary Bro. S. Tingley was written to District Council on the cost of the closure of Ore and the accommodation of units at West Marina. Requesting a meeting with District Council and management S.W. division on same.

To follow up this letter Bro. S. Tingley and Bro. R. Chamberlin, visited the Borough’s surveyors office and Hastings museum to study maps regarding Ore Shed as evidence for this meeting.

Winter Working

Proposed by Bro. A. Stratton and seconded by Bro. E. Spray. 

That the L.D.C. should maintain and improve work content at the depot as far as is possible.


It was pointed out that with new lighting at stations some signals have or will become difficult to see after sunset also other were obscured from view by an assortment of other things also turning of signals would make the timing of trains more difficult.

The L.D.C. was directed to point out all of these things to superiors to ratified as soon as possible.

A.A.D. report

We had a full report from Bro. R. Taylor of  a meeting at Eastbourne were Bro. W. Hutchings our A.A.D. representative was present.

Meeting closed 12.20 

 ¼ Meeting held 12th December 1971

Commenced 10.45 close 12.40

Members present Bros. D. Roberts, R. Chamberlain, S. Tingley, H. Jenner & L. Baldwin.

Minutes of last meeting were read, discussed.

Election of organising Secretary

Proposed by Bro. R. Chamberlin and seconded by Bro. S. Tingley. 

That Bro. MacClever should have our full support. Carried unanimously.

Election of Officers for 1972.

No nominations and no resignations. All Officers for 1971 elected to serve for 1972 as follows.

Branch Chairman Bro R. Taylor, Vice Chairman Bro. D. Roberts, Branch Secretary L. Baldwin.

L.D.C. Chairman Bro. R. Chamberlin, L.D.C. Secretary Bro. S. Tingley, L.D.C. Stand in Bro. D. Roberts.

District Council Representative Bro. S. Tingley.

Committee for 1972

Bros. R. Taylor, L. Baldwin, D. Roberts, R. Scott, S. Tingley, E. Spray & R. Chamberlain.

Sunday 26th December 1971

Proposed by Bro. L. Baldwin and seconded by Bro. F. Jenner. 

That the Branch should send a letter to the Area Depot manager, putting to him the following resolution.

“The men at Ore would be prepared to work the turns of duty provided that the men booked off duty that were rostered to work would be paid 8 hours pay. If not conceded then no men at the depot would be prepared to work at all on this day.

Meeting closed 12.40

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