1949 - 50

Chairman Bro. H. Stedman

Vice Chairman Bro. F. Wilmshurst
Secretary Bro. D. Boyle 
Assistant Secretary Bro. A. Rookley

Annual meeting for 1949

Held on Tuesday January 11th 1950

At the British Legion

Members present, Bros. H. Stedman, D. Boyle, A. Rookley, & A. Scott.

Transfers of Motormen, Bros. Bush, Howard & Sharp endorsed.

The 12 days holiday with pay and Condition of Service, discussed.

Proposed by Bro. A. Rookley & Sec. by Bro. A. Scott.

"That as our Conditions of Service are a guaranteed 8hrs, and with an 11 day fortnight, constitutes 88hrs. we urge Head Office to further examine our Conditions of Service in the light of the relationship of 12 days holiday with pay to the 88hrs fortnight constituting an 11 day period, and as one day of the 12 day holiday period (i.e.) from Monday to Saturday is a rest day, we press that either 11 of the 88hrs period be paid or one extra day holiday be granted. Carried unanimously, this resolution be sent to Head Office."

Meeting held at British Legion Club 

April 3rd 1950

Members present Bros. H. Stedman, A. Rookley & D. Boyle.

Matter arising, Conditions of Service, 12 days holiday with pay. Secretary read letter sent to General Secretary re same and answer noted. Bro. Rookley criticised what he considered to be the apathy of Head Office in this matter.

Motormen's Lobby.
Secretary read copy of letter to Welfare Officer, and also one to Secretary of L.D.C. re same. Bro. H. Stedman moved and Bro. A. Rookley seconded. "That another letter be sent to the L.D.C. Secretary complaining of the indifference of the Management in connection with the matter of making adequate messroom provision for Motormen." Carried

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