Chairman Bro. M. Allen

Vice Chairman Bro. R. Kemp
Secretary Bro. S. Fuller 
Assistant  Secretary Bro. P. Horan

Meeting held 21st March 1993

At the Seven Sisters Public House Seaford

Members present M. Allen, P. Horan, S. Fuller, S. Holder & G. Caulfield

Any Other Business

Moved by P. Horan & Seconded by S. Holder

That following the election of officers on 21st March 1993, grave concern is expressed at the lack of response to the situation which has arisen at this Branch, namely failure to get any officers for the Branch for 1993. The Executive Committees failure to responded to the resolutions previously passed is noted and the Branch Secretary is instructed to write to the Executive Committee advising them of our election of officers and further that this has happen at the advice and recommendation of our District Secretary and wishes of the members of this Branch. However the Executive Committee is condemned for their failure to respond to the situation at this Branch from 1st. 1993 to 21st 1993 and failure to apply the Society rule book.



T.BatyB.DeyDavid BaconI.MorganD.HinsonG.OwenP.WoodhouseDave OconnellD.LittleA.MarriottGeneral Secreary Derrick FullickG.JohnstonJ.EarwickerC.NelsonAlan BeechingFred Orton JonesM.EdenA.PopeB.CollingsPaul Horan (front row second from right )Dominic Morrow (L. Bdg.)M.Hemmings (Nor Jn)S.HughesRobert Mundy (Bedford)T.GoddenD.Lawson

Meeting held 7th November 1993

At the Seven Sisters Public House Seaford

Members present, 

P. Horan, G. Caulfield, C. Gent, S. Fuller, & D. Creasey.

Also in attendance, 

W. MacKenzie E. C. Member, L. Worboys District Secretary & G. Morris Divisional 

Functional Council.

District Secretary report

Len gave and spoke on the importance of the Alcohol & Drug Policy, and he could not stress it enough as there has been 3 drivers sacked recently regarding alcohol, one who was 51 years old. He said he knows it is not fair as the law of the land is 80 milligrams for car drivers and 30 milligrams for B.R. staff you will be breath.

E.C. report

Bill said the ban on Rest Day working and overtime could serve no useful purpose on S.R. and when the ballot comes to vote according to your views if that even means voting against as there’s not much support from the branches.

Roster Sundays, working rostered Sundays was part of the D.R.I. prossals that you must find a substitute. In 1972 N.U.R. were shut out on rostered Sundays, we are going to ask legal advice on this issue. We are in the view that drivers are entitled to their Sundays off, as there are plenty of drivers who could do with extra cash.

Functional Council Depots on list C.

The only reason that Seaford is on List C is there is no Supervision. All depots on the South Central where there is no Supervision are on List C. Seaford Closure, the closure date of the 24th Jan. does not coincide with the footplate vacancy list.

Pay without a ticket, (ticket less pay), there is a pilot scheme in operation; depots are Eastbourne, Norwood & Seaford. At the end of the pilot scheme it is expected that the rest of the depots will follow suit. 

Many questions was asked from the floor at the meeting which were debated, some in great detail. The Secretary then on behalf of all the Seaford Branch gave a vote of thanks to our District Secretary, Len, E.C. Member, Bill, and D.F.C. Member, Graham Morris.


 Meeting held 19th December 1993

At the Seven Sisters Public House Seaford

Members present Bros. M. Allen, P. Horan, C. Gent & S. Fuller

L.D.C. report. 

Meeting held at Brighton with DFC on 26th October 1993. Statement of intent, we were advised that Seaford Depot closure was expected to coincide with the January P.A. on January 24th ’94, and D.F.C. would be meeting all drivers at Seaford with the L.D.C. to advise and explain the P.T.R. arrangements.

Meeting held December 13th 1993 at Brighton, in attendance were the Divisional Train Crew Manager, Train Crew Manager, Diagrams, List Clerk, Brighton & Eastbourne L.D.C.s and D.F.C. We were informed that there will be jobs for Seaford drivers, 5 Brighton & 8 Eastbourne. All the Seaford diagrams are to go to Brighton and Brighton to release 2 diagrams to Eastbourne. The Divisional Train Crew Manager again assured that all Seaford drivers would be offered a drivers post at Brighton and Eastbourne.

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