At the April 1990 Branch proposed link structures where explained to the members, this was 

due to the reduction of diesel work. To overcome this problem it was decided that the number 

1 link would increase to 56 cover the diesel work as well as covering all electrical routes and 


The L211 link would combine with the old number two link and be increased to 32 drivers in 

size. The link would cover all electrical routes only. There was a number of drivers from the 

former top two links given the option to move into the new number 2 link and become non 

progressive similar to the remaining L211 drivers. This would then allow those displaced 

drivers to stay within the diesel link. Some drivers decided to go into the new number 2 link 

and remain non progressive in that link. This option was also given to senior drivers who 

originally opted not to go into the diesel links or qualified for the L211 link, when the depots 

originally amalgamated.

The pilot link had been done away through retirements and the remainder of the station pilot 

work was covered within the top link. 

After all these years there still major problems within Brighton Southern depot which can be 

trace back to the rationalisation of the two Brighton Motive Power Depot.

By 1993 the links structure would once again change due to more diesel working being lost, 

The links would be Link 1 of 36, Link 2 & 3 at 40 and Link 4 of 16.

The link structure within the depot would alter with changes to route and traction knowledge 

being introduced into the depot.

Society School in March 1990 at Blackpool

Back row, middle Andy Reed Battersea Branch

Front row, third from the left Chris Newton Brighton Branch



Back Row - Right Tony Martin (L'HAM), Gary Coombes (W. WORTHING), Chris Edmunds (L'HAM), Dave Knight (B'TON), Alan Taylor (NORWOOD), Ian Munro (W, WORTHING), & John Carney (EBNE)

Front Row Left Right Paul Miles, (L. BDGE),
 Instructors Tony Harper 

& Trevor "CHOPPER" Harris

Eastbourne Driver Alan Titherly c1991

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