Chairman Bro. R. Clarke

Vice Chairman Bro J. Gain
Secretary Bro. W. Knight

Quarterly Meeting held at Branch room 5th March 1961

Commenced 10.40 and closed 12.40.

Member present Bros. R. Clarke, J. Hawker, C. Wiseman G. Philpot, A. Arnold, R. Scott, D. Judges, R. Chamberlain & W. Knight.

All members welcomed also Bros. R. Chamberlain & D. Judges transfer members from Slade Green & Charring Cross. 

The meeting arranged for opposite shift proved worthwhile as 9 members present

Minutes of last meeting confirmed a true record, matters arising Bro. Marsh case explained by Chairman

Correspondence read, matters arising to which Bro. D. Pullen be supported for E.C. member, moved Bro. Chamberlain and seconded by Bro. A. Arnold. Carried.

Moved by by Bro. G. Philpot and seconded by Bro. D. Judges. That as resolution be sent to Head office. Instead of giving up double serge jacket to be substitute for forge vest for  light weight jacket every 2 year. This was carried out.

Slackness of return of sickness certificate from management to N.H.I. offices. Secretary to write to L.D.C. for them to get in touch with management. This was carried out. 

District Council Report

The delegate gave his report which was very interesting, re wearing of glasses, clothing diagram workings, the new officers for ensuing year. Chairman Bro. C. Hutchings & Vice Chairman S. Cheal etc.

Mr. Poole spoke onn Regional Divisions etc. Shorter Hours, wages etc., Eye glasses to be finalized in a few days sight must be 6-9 6-2 6-9 which this will  abolish. The out-door test at Feltham

Bro. Stevens case results serve reprimand, E. C. Member will be allowed to go to Signal box to see how irregularities can occur and can ask any questions appertaining to same.

All cases osf signal irregularities must be reported to Branch Secretaries at once to save any delay of informing Head Office. 

This concluded the meeting. 

 Special meeting called for 2nd April 1961

No meeting owing L.D.C. report non attendance and insufficient member reporting

Quarterly Meeting June Held at Branch Room 25th June 1961

Commenced 10.45 and closed 1.00

Members present Bros. R. Clarke, J. Hawker, D. Judges, R. Scott & W. Knight

Correspondence Read, matters arising, several question were asked re P.T.&R.A. etc

The L.D.C. representative was asked to deal with this direct to Bro.. A. Dray, Section Council No.2 to which Bro. Hawker agreed.

Voting paper signed as agreed by Branch Bro. Pullen for E.C. and Bro. Bagihole for Labour Party Conference delegate.

District Council Report

This was given by our delegate Bro. S. Cheal’s case for A.A.D. was explained. E.C. member Bro. Poole stated our policy was shorter week and not except 7 hour day and one extra rest day a month.

Glasses may be worn date to be confirmed latter and supplied by B.T.C.

If out door test is requiredmember should apply to Branch Secretary.

New Rule book coming out shortly

Free Priv. ticket pass to be supplied January 1962 to save writing out the forms

Journal 13% increase, hoping agents press for more sale

After mileage no member to shunting etc.

Passes free on All Line Base after July 1961

It was explained to men coming on duty less than 12 hours

Re Accident Protection to which they take their own risk as this lays in hands of General Secretary only therefore no guarantee for taking chance breaking condition of service.

Brighton case of trying to come on in 9 hours for Sunday duty as Resolution was not even signd by Mr Lelew District Supt. They held a meeting and was taken to Distrcit Council to which Mr. Cleaver & Poole informed them it was wrong and out of order.

L.D.C. Report

Just a letter read re my complant 378 Duty Sunday will remain as now booked.

12 hours rest cases two cases of 12 hours rest clause broken reported to Head Office by myself and reported to Bro. Poole by Branch Chairman.

Moved by Bro. D. Judges and seconded by Bro. R. Scott. That a reoslutoion be sent to Head office re supporting Wolverhampton.


Ashford and Dover affected by Electrification of that area.

Signal Irregularities Cannon Street,  Hayes etc.

This conclude a very interesting meeting

Chairman requested another meeting for 2nd July1961

Quarterly Meeting called for 24th September 1961

No meeting held owing to member not reporting

Quarterly Meeting called for 10th December 1961 at Branch Room

Commenced 10.50 and closed 12.55

Members present Bros. R. Clarke, W. Knight, D. Judges, A. Arnold, C. Wiseman & R. Chamberlain.


Minutes read and confirmed and proposed by Bro. C. Wiseman and seconded by Bro. A. Arnold 

Correspondence  read, several questions asked in same re Working to Rule etc.

Bro. H. Bagihole block voting for A.A.D. proposed by Bro. Judges and seconded by Bro. Chamberlain

Bro. A. Griffiths General Secretary proposed by Bro. D. Judges and seconded by Bro. Arnold

Bro. R. Clarke handed in his resignation as Branch Chairman and District Council Delegate., was thanked by members for his past services to the Branch 

District Council Report

Given satisfactory by our delegate Bro. R. Clarke. Questions were asked to which Bro. R. Clarke explained to members

Apologies were received from Bro. R. Scott and D. Carley

L.D.C. Report

No delegates present

Officers for ensuing year as set out below, 

Bro. W. Knight Secretary resigning owing to retirement early 1962.

Chairman Bro. D. Judges, Vice Chairman R. Chamberlain & Secretary R. Scott

Committee Bros C. Angel, H. Carey A. Arnold & J. Hawker

District Council Bro. D. Judges Trade & Labour Bros. R. Scott & R. Chamberlain, 

L.D.C. Bros J. Hawker & C. Knight.

Bro. W. Knight was thanked for his past services as Secretary as very satisfactory and wish all the best on his retirement. The Landlord of  the Mount Pleasant Hotel was thanked for his service to the Branch and wished the best for his retirement

Bro. W. Knight thanked the members for their wishes and stated he was glad to see the Branch carry on.

This concluded the meeting.

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