Special Guest Speaker Address

D.F.C. Rep. Roy Luxford thanked our branch for allowing him speaking to members.

Driver Performance Profiling.

Station over shooting and S.P.A.D.s. These matters were now being dealt with outside the 

disciplinary code. Drivers were not being made aware that these were still placed on their 

records and that high levels of points could result in the sack.

Although only one set of points were now being used and that some points did not reduce in 

time, some points remain on their records. Age (55) being one.

Restructure Deal

Revised offer was now presented to council, this would be put to the A.S.L.E.& F. executive 

before members were ballot on it.Details of the package would be given to all members first 

before ballot. Offer was a basic salary £20,600 plus, extra for Sunday and a average of 37 

week. This concluded his report to member.

A vote of thanks to Roy Luxford for his report was given. Moved C. Horlock & seconded S. 

Weller. Vote Carried.


On the issue of new uniforms, this was raised by members with serious complaints about the 

style, colour etc and the lack of consultation the following motions were forward.

“This Brighton Branch wishes to express it’s amazement in the shades of colours and 

style used in the first Connex South Central uniform issue for Traincrew staff.

We feel that while these shades and styles may be acceptable for on train stewards, they 

are totally inappropriate for Traincrew staff.

Further, we feel they do not respect the profession of the job we Are expected to exercise 

when carrying out our duties.

We are not ‘Holiday Tour Operator Guides’, but a body of both men and women who

are responsible for the lives of thousands travellers and commuters who in event of  a 

mistake will instantly be on a charge of manslaughter.

Being mindful of this, a colour and style more fitting to reflect this responsibility is 

called for more in line with the police and fire brigade, than glorified school boy’s 


This Brighton Branch therefore instructs its Functional Council Representatives for 

Connex South Central and the Executive Committee of A.S.L.E.& F. to make serious 

representations to the management of Connex South Central with the view to making 

acceptable changes through full and meaningful consultations on the issue for drivers 

grades on Connex SoutCentral.” 

Moved S. Weller & Seconded M. Thompson. 

Vote carried.

“That this Brighton Branch instructs its Secretary to write to all Branch Secretaries on 

Connex South Central, informing them of the resolution adopted by this branch, with 

the view of them adopting a similar policy.” 

Moved F. Langridge & seconded H. Hassan. 

Vote carried.

“That this Brighton Branch instructs its L.D.C. Representatives to make 

representations to our management with a view to communicating the unsatisfactory 

nature, and derision with which the uniform is held in at Brighton.” 

Moved A. Warburton & seconded C. Horlock. 

Vote carried.

Brighton Branch Chairman Ivan Wilson


HELD ON MARCH 3rd  1997

D.F.C. Report

Bro. R. Luxford (Three Bridges Branch) expressed his disappointment that the D.R.I. books 

were not yet in the hands of members, but explained due to inaccuracies the first print run 

been pulled at the eleventh hour. The new copies should be arriving in the next few days. 

He proceeded to give a detailed summary of the main points, after which the meeting was 

opened to questions.

Question, is the full text of the deal going to be made available?

Answer, yes

Question, why was travelling back remotely booking off covered in the Drugs & Alcohol 


Answer, this was included at the D.F.C.s request to protect members. Should an individual 

decide to go for a drink it was their responsibility to travel back at their own expense, and 

not to use travel documentation.

Question, are the remote booking off locations specified or determined by travelling time?

Answer, determined by travelling time.

Question, will existing staff  loose existing residential travel passes?

Answer, no, they are protect by the 1963 Railways Act.

Question, can I be moved three hours off a spare turn on to a running turn?

Answer, Yes.

Question, am I obliged to work rear end turns?

Answer, only post 1988 drivers.

Question, what is the maximum hours I can be rostered in a week?

Answer, 50 hours, but will be unlikely because of the expense for management to cover all 

the additional rest days this would create. All rosters would be dealt with at local level.

Question, are we committed to annualised hours?

Answer, No.

Question, if a driver becomes unable to work in the Shunt Links are there any protection 


Answer, they will be dealt with under severance arrangements. Also the Engineman’s 

Assurance Fund are forming a special insurance scheme.

Question, will fitters be moving units within yard limits?

Answer, not as part of the D.R.I., but it is something management are looking at.

Question, how will the 12% difference of Sunday working between depots be worked?

Answer, across the whole division.

Question, what will become of the Driver Instructors?

Answer, they will be interviewed for the position of Driver Assessor, of which there will be 

fewer. At present there was no job spec. available. Some concern was expressed at the 

possibility that mixed or full rear end diagrams could be included in the master rosters, as 

such a motion was put before the meeting.

“That this Brighton Branch instruct the D.F.C. to make representation to Connex 

South Central to receive clear and unequivocal written clarification on the following, 

from the proposed Driving Restructuring Offer. Prior to the commencement of the 


8.5.1. ‘Non Driving Operational Duties’ – that no full or mixed rear end turns will be 

included in the Master roster.” 

Moved S. Weller & Seconded M. Hawkins. 

Carried unanimously.

Question, are C.E.B.s covered by the same provisions as P.N.B.s?

Answer, yes

Question, will I get a P.N.B. if I work over six hours?

Answer, yes, any diagram over 6:01 will have a P.N.B. The H.S.E. are 

obliged to examine any restructuring and the breaks must be 

acceptable to them.

Question, will ASLEF union dues become a percentage of our salary?

Answer, no, union dues will be set by the Annual Assembly of 


Question, what will happen if we throw the offer out?

Answer, this is the final offer. It was the D.F.C. opinion that 

management would seek to change the existing agreements anyway, 

particularly during future pay talks.

Question, would the Executive committee back industrial action in this 


Answer, the Executive Committee President (W. Mackenzie) gave 

categorical assurances that any industrial action would receive the full 

support of the ASLEF leadership.

Question, is the P.T.& R. affect by this offer?

Answer, No.

Question, does this offer take into account the 1997 pay rise?

Answer, Yes.

Question, when does the pensionable pay element start from and what will happen to this 

years annual leave?

Answer, pensionable pay will be back dated to the 31st March, the annual leave will be 

progressed at Company Council.

Question, what happens to Relief Drivers?

Answer, The Relief Driver grade remains.

Bro. R. Luxford summed up stating that it was time to bite the bullet, he believed it was a 

good deal as we would be able to get. That management had made it plain there would be no 

further negotiations and this offer meant an increase in guaranteed pay and quality time 

off. It was now up to the membership to decide if they wanted this change. It was soley up 

to them.

A vote of thanks for Roy Luxford’s contribution and explanations was proposed. 

Move S. Jones & seconded M. Hawkins. Carried unan 


HELD ON MAY 27th  1997

D.F.C. Report

Bro. Roy Luxford our Company Council Rep. thanked our branch for the opportunity to 
address the branch meeting. Roy paid tribute to Bro. Eddie o’Keffee for the work he had done as local rep and also district Council Chairman.
He paid thanks too all the Company L.D.C.s for their support on the summer rosters and 
Reference was also mentioned about the position of advocates dress codes and tome released. 
Release of staff reps. Was being threatened. Imposition of reduced Prep. & Disposal times. 
No payment of members, L215 agreement if taken off diagrams, also if Drug and Alcohol 
tested will only get basic rate.
He stated that unlike reports being circulated, Council have not refused to re-open talks, 
management closed talks and ignored the machinery process. Informed Council that their 
current release was being reviewed and put them back at the their depots.
Bro. W. Mackenzie, E.C. President and branch member asked the chairman the opportunity to address the meeting. Chairman agreed.
Bro. Bill Mackenzie gave a summary report on the E.C. position and the support given to 
both members and council.Chairman thanked both Council Rep and E.C. President for their reports. Following the current position on Connex South Central, the branch moved the 
following motions.

That this Brighton Branch instruct the Executive Committee, in the event of an

affirmative ballot for industrial action on Connex South Central, to use every means 

at their disposal to ensure that the national and local media are made aware of the 

catalogue of mismanagement, intimidation and incompetence of the incumbent 

managers on Connex South Central.” 

Moved S. Weller & seconded M. Hunter. 

Vote unam.

“That this Brighton Branch wishes to express it grave concerns over the imposition of 

revised preparation and disposal times for E.M.U. stock on Connex South Central in 

conjunction with their intimidatory and arbitrary discipline policies, will result in 

members being forced to skimp essential safety checks.

Therefore this Brighton Branch instructs the Executive Committee to raise these issues 

as a matter of urgency, with the the Railway Safety Executive, the Minister for 

Transport and any other relevant bodies. ” 

Moved S. Weller & Seconded A. Gregg. 

Vote carried unam.  

HELD ON JULY 8th  1997


Addressing the meeting were Company council Rep. Roy Luxford and E.C. President Bill Mackenzie.

Roy thanked the chairman for this opportunity in speaking on this issue, but called upon the 
E.C. member to explain how we reached the position of a ballot.
Bill explained how at the A.A.D. Conference in Torquay, our General Secretary, Lew Adams, had been contacted by a senior manager from the Connex Board, to talk about the dispute. 
The result of this was that an emergency motion was put to the conference to lift the rest 
day/overtime ban, and for talks on the restructuring to re-start. This was passed by delegates. 
Talks were started and changes to the original offer was made.

This revised package and the fact that on legal advice from Robin Thompson, ASLEF were in some danger of an injunction being issued against the trade union, the decision to put the 
offer to the members was taken.
Roy Luxford stated that Council were only called into the talks after the A.A.D. decision. 
Certain agreements were secured, result was that now company council and ASLEF had all 
loyal staff reps briefed on the package and that a series of depot meetings would take place 
for staff members would accept the package.
Every member of Traincrew will receive a booklet which sets out the revised offer, and all 
would be balloted later.
Our A.A.D. Delegate Simon Weller, whilst delaying his report on conference asked to address 
the issue regarding the roll of conference took. Simon explained how delegates were told of 
the meeting with Connex and why they passed the motion to lift the ban. Fundamental fact 
regarding what conference where told or not told have arising.
Members then put forward a series of questions.
Question,  under the proposal a maximum of 50 hours per week was stated, how would this 
reflect in rosters?
Answer, it would be for local staff reps. And managers to work out rosters.
Question, before this goes to ballot will a clear and precise understandings to be given to 
members on all aspects of the package?
Answer, Council would seek to get this done in time.
Question, Trainmen/Relief Drivers, vacancies were still not being shown or filled? Why?
Answer, Roy explained the procedures and promised that Council would look into this.
Question, Trainmen/Relief Drivers, complaints that this grade were not being given equal 
driving turns. i.e. senior man rotation was not being applied, therefore how can members be 
Answer, members should, must use the claims procedures fully, even though management 
may be not dealing with these claims at present.
Question, The Driver’s Charter, what is it?
Answer, this is a set of about eighteen objectives that have been thought out which spell out 
drivers position. And it is these aims that the unions is to set out and get.
Question, this package was designed to give time off. i.e. no rest day or large overtime 
workings. In any future dispute would members have to strike?
Answer, Strikers, this would only be if the membership were balloted all other avenues would be considered first.
Question, Sunday working, the first package spoke of blank Sunday’s, would this deal include them?
Answer, diagrams should show this.
Question, what did the average Sunday working mean to a driver?
Answer, the average out at 17-19 per driver.
Question, were Connex expected to receive fines by O.P.R.A.F.
Answer, no. Railtrack were fining them for cancelling trains a decision on O.P.R.A.F. 
imposing fines remained unclear.
Question was this the deal that was out put to the E.C. on Wednesday?
Answer, No. this was not.
Question, how will diagramming be done?
Answer, L.D.C. will have an input into links and traction and route agreement will apply in 
what duties go in what links. Much as it is done now.
Question, what happens if this is rejected?
Answer, a decision will have to be made, Connex Rail have indicated no more offers. It 
remains to be seen whether or not they will and if a reduction in members working overtime 
takes place.
ballot result would be known.
Moved M. Allen & seconded M. Cole. “That a vote of thanks be recorded for our E.C. 
President’s report and Company Council rep’s report on the Restructuring deal and current 
dispute.” Carried.  
A motion concerning D.R.I. was proposed, moved F. Maskell & seconded B. Brown. 
“That this Brighton Branch wishes to put forward the following proposed recommendations 
to the Executive Committee of A.S.L.E.F. and to the Company Council Representatives 
negotiating on behalf of the members on Connex South Central.
To achieve an agreed settlement with the company by:-
1, Agreement to a thirty seven hour working week.
2, A maximum of a roster of forty hours in anyone weeks diagramming.
3, That the duration of work should not extend beyond nine hours and a minimum of six 
4, Sunday Working, this to be outside the thirty seven hour working week and to be 
restricted to a maximum of nine hours and a minimum of six hours. 
5, Sunday Working, to be paid at a rate of time plus half time or at a greater.
6, no remote booking on or off duty, all travelling to be diagrammed within the duties.
7, booking of all public holidays, staff booked to be paid at a rate of time plus half time all 
staff to be granted lieu leave.
8, Christmas & Boxing Day to be paid at a rate of time plus time worked.
9, Pensions, that full basic pensionable pay to be calculated from the implementation date of 
the agreement.
10, to agree full recognition of all bargaining and negotiation procedures with all Company 
council, local representation.” 
Following a full discussion this matter was put to a vote, for 7,  against 4 and abstained 2. 
carried  majority.
A general view was that a special meeting should be held if ever a D.R.I.  package is agreed 
to deal with the issue of Rest Day patterns and roster layouts. 

Answer, No, only booked/diagrammed Sundays.

Question, will diagrams show remote booking off, and travel time?

A motion was put to the branch setting out the feeling and condition members wanted. After a discussion it was decided to present this at the next branch meeting (September 1st), as the 

Brighton Health & Safety Rep. Mick Hawkins 



E.C. Report W. Mackenzie

Bill thanked the Chairman for allowing him to address the Branch Meeting.

Connex Rail and the New Personal Contracts of Employment

This was taken very serious as if allowed staff would have no rights. If management didn’t 

change their views on this, the Society will consider some sort of industrial action.

Current dispute against A.S.L.E.F. by R.M.T.

Society has come under increasing attacks by R.M.T. and one in particular area membership 

of new recruits within the railways. Bill highlighted the position with Central Trains.

Question on the subject of union restructure rather than try to change everything, why not 

one part at a time. Bill explained what had happened over the last few years when changes 

where proposed.

Chairman called for a vote of thanks,. Moved M.Allen & seconded D. Griffiths. “That this 

branch thanked Bro. Mackenzie  for his address to the branch.”

Company Council Report

Bro. Roy Luxford thanked the Branch for allowing him to made a report to members.

Roy referred to Circular No.314/1997 “R.M.T. Dispute with A.S.L.E.F.”

He referred to all the problems of Barnham Depot had over R.M.T. members and what took 

place, and the A.S.L.E.F members were treated by the local R.M.T. officers.

Pensions, Roy outlined our present position with Connex and the pending case regards to 

full pension.

Driver Restructure Package

Council were to look at all current aspects of the rejection and on staff views. Council would 

give it one more try, if it fails they would place a claim for a 1997 pay award.

On D.R.I., it was planned that in the event of a package a more detailed ballot would be 

conducted with one part being, ‘doing you wish to remain as you are?’ the others a choice of 

may be two kinds of deals.

Areas that were being considered were:-

Bank Holiday Working – different ways if pay.

L.S.S. retained – altered.

Possible Attendance Awards

Night rates being altered

Minimum late running 30 mins max.

Spare to incorporate safety talks etc.

Hospitals Leave unchanged

Maximum Sunday working numbers

Maximum Hours on spares etc

Prep/Disposal times – walking times

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