Chairman Bro. D. Judges

Vice Chairman Bro R. Chamberlain
Secretary Bro. R. Scott

 Meeting June ¼ 1964 June 21st 1964

Commenced 11.0. closed 12.15

Members present Bros. D. Judges, R. Chamberlain C. Wiseman, J. Hawker & R. Scott.

Minutes read, discussed and declared true record, proposed by Bro. J. Hawker and seconded by Bro. C. Wiseman 

Correspondence read and fully discussed

Election of Organising Secretary

Proposed by Bro. R. Scott and seconded by Bro. C. Wiseman. Carried. That this Branch support Bro. Kirk

Election of E.C. Member

Proposed by Bro. J. Hawker and seconded by bro. R. Chamberlain. Carried. That this branch support Bro. Williams.

Other Business

It was decided that as Bro. Carey had been placed on the inactive list by the B.T.C., it was no longer needful for Bro. 

Carey’s contributions to be paid by Branch funds. Secretary instructed to notify Head Office.

Meeting December ¼ December 6th 1964

Commenced 11.0  closed 12.35

Members present Bros. D. Judges, J. Hawker, A. Lennard, A. Wray, E. Spray & R. Scott.

Correspondence read and fully discussed. Arising, travelling by taxi. Moved by Bro. E. Spray and seconded by Bro. A. 

Lennard. Carried. That Secretary correspond with Head Office for clarification on a members death compensation 

whilst traveling by taxi.

Trades Union Congress Election.

Proposed by Bro. A. Lennard and seconded by Bro. A. Wray. Carried. 

"That Ore Branch support Bro. Terry of Selhurst.

National Conditions of Service Books

Proposed by Bro. J. Hawker and seconded by Bro. A. Lennard. Carried. 

"That Secretary past correspondence relating to new issue of National Condition of service book in notice case, with 

instructions for members wishing to purchase a copy to apply to Secretary.

District Council Report

District Council Representative Bro. D. Judges stated everything had been covered in correspondence except 

negotiations regarding sick pay, proposals were as follows. 1 yo 5 years service 6 weeks ¾ pay, 6 to 10 years service 9 

weeks ¾ pay, over 10 years service 13 weeks ¾ pay.

L.D.C Report

Bro. J. Hawker, L.D.C. Chairman gave reason for loss of 1 Sunday at Ore Depot as follows .

Owing to the closure of Plumpton and Cooksbridge on Sundays, one turn was taken from three depots and given to 

Seaford to bring them in line with other Depots. Economy cuts have so far been made at depots with 28 or more men. 

The men with no Sunday in the area to be accommodated before any man is called upon to work an extra Sunday.

Other Business

Change of Holiday Period was fully discussed to change the period one week each year. Proposed by Bro. A. Wray and seconded by Bro., E. Spray. Carried. Secretary instructed to send correspondence to L.D.C. Secretary.

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