E. J. Bedford Collection 

Crowborough was based at Newhaven when this photo was taken at Lewes in c1892


extracted from RTCS book on locomotives of the LBSCR


On the evening of 23rd January, 1892, engine No.304 “Nice” whilst working a short goods 
train from Lewes to Brighton. Next to the guard’s van was six large wheeled salt wagon on 
which the centre axle suddenly  fractured, but instead of derailing the wagon on which the 
centre axle suddenly fractured, but instead of derailing the wagon the broken parts 
miraculously cleared themselves and the train ran on apparently unharmed. 

However the driver suddenly notice frantic lamp signals from the guard, so he stopped his 
engine and awaited the guard who reported the van was damaged and had no brakes. 
Inspection of the train failed to reveal the cause until on starting away slowly the trouble 
came to light, for salt began to pour out of the punctured wagon bottom. In daylight a careful search was made of the track and surrounding fields, and in due course part of the axle and one wheel was found 240 yards from the point of the breakage, but its companion was never discovered.  

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