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Tunbridge Wells Meeting

Sunday November 23rd  1975 10.30 p.m.

at the Welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station

Any Other Business

The financial position of British Rail both from branches and D.C.4 report was given a full discussion and a policy was adopted that a proposed scheme of Bro. F. Diplock for a reduced Sunday service that could operate at a far lower cost than the present one, and if it could be accepted might not necessitate the complete proposed closure of the Oxted to Uckfield, Tonbridge line on a Sunday, should be promoted and used in the most suitable quarters of the expense of Branch funds. This was agreed unanimously.

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Tunbridge Wells Meeting

Sunday January 25th  1976 10.30 p.m.

at the Welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station

Proposed Rail Cuts

Bro. F. Diplock, Assistant Branch Secretary, informed the meeting that as agreed at the November meeting he had, had 16 copies of his proposed scheme printed at the cost of £19.26 and these were now being dispatched to British Rail Representaives, Sectional Council ‘B’ secretary, L.D.C. secretaries of M.P.D. Victoria M.T. and Guards. Tunbridge Wells West, Mr. S. Pollington, Uckfield Parish Council, Mrs G. Gow, Secretary Uckfield to Lewes East Sussex Travellers Association. Mr. Rose, Tunbridge Wells and District Travellers and Mr. Thorneycroft, Edenbridge Area T. Ass and Miss P. Johnson Area Secretary Transport Secretary.

He was now awaiting replies to these and would advise the Branch of development


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 Tunbridge Wells Meeting

Sunday March 28th  1976 10.30 p.m.

at the Welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station

Proposed Rail Cuts

Bro. F. Diplock gave his report on replies he had received on his reduced Sunday service which had been forwarded to various parties. All were favourable to scheme and those forwarded to British Rail representatives had been received their consideration, but due to the proposed cuts being put forward from the 20th April to 25th July ’76 no information on these are available at this time.

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Tunbridge Wells Meeting

Sunday August 4th 1976 10.30 p.m.

at the Welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station

The position of Sunday bookings was again bought to the attention of the meeting for further discussion. But due to the present proposed cut back in Sunday services, and no diagram workings yet available to know what Sunday duties would be booked to the depot as from the 4th October ’76. The Chairman suggested that this matter should again be deferred to the next meeting for further discussion. This was agreed by the members present.

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Tunbridge Wells Meeting

Sunday September 19th  1976 10.30 p.m.

at the Welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station

L.D.C. Report

This report gave details of the cuts on the depot roster of Sunday duties as from 10/10/76. This matter was given a very full discussion and concern was expressed at the loss of Sunday work at Tunbridge Wells West Depot, in comparison with other depots in this area.

It was felt that this matter should be further progressed by the L.D.C. with the aim to getting additional Sunday duties on the roster.

It was proposed by Bro. P. Pepper and seconded I. Breeds. 

“That a special branch Committee be formed to discuss any dispute which may arise on this matter."

this was unanimously agreed by all present.

It was proposed by Bro. P. Pepper and seconded I. Breeds.  

"That Bros. L. Stephenson, I. Breeds, S. Neal, R. Bridger, M. Allen & D. Godden. 

That these members should form the Special Branch Committee."

It was proposed by Bro. P. Pepper and seconded I. Breeds.  

“That in the event of any failure of the L.D.C. to get any improvement of Sunday duties of Tunbridge Wells depot the drivers would carry out the same resolution of the Branch meeting of 28th April 1974, in that the drivers would report for duty at 06:00 and 

14:00 Hrs. as from the 4th October ’76.

 This was unanimously agreed.

Tunbridge Wells Special General Meeting

Sunday October 3rd 1976 10.30 p.m.

at the Welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station

This special to discuss the proposals and resolution of the meeting of the 19th September ’76, with regards to the cuts in Sunday duties at Tunbridge Wells West depot.

The L.D.C. Secretary reported to the Special Branch Committee, that at a meeting with management, Sectional Council ‘B’, Redhill M.T., & Victoria M.T. L.D.C.s on Wednesday 29th September ’76, no improvements of Sunday duties were offered to them and the position was the same as their report on the 19th September ’76.

This matter was given a long and full discussion by all members, and unanimously agreed that the resolution of booking on at 06;00 & 14:00 Hrs. will apply on Monday 4th October ’76, providing a guarantee of 8 Hrs pay per day was given by management and if given, it was voted 9 for and nil against continuing booking on these times indefinitely.

In the event of management refusing to pay 8hrs per day, it was voted 14 for and nil against, 

"that as from Tuesday 5th October ’76, men would work strictly and only to their 

diagram workings."

It was voted 14 for and nil against 

That if management offered all or any member his cards a return to normal working 

would apply immediately."

This position of working on Sunday 10th October ’76 was fully discussed and in a vote taken 7 were against working 4 for working and a no to working on Sunday 10th October ’76 was recorded at this time. But it was felt that a Special branch meeting should be called for Wednesday 6th October ’76 to discuss developments, and this should again be discussed and finalised at that meeting.


 Tunbridge Wells Special General Meeting

Wednesday  October 6th 1976 19.00 p.m.

at the Welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station

Bro. T. Allen, Chairman of the Special Branch committee opened the meeting by calling on the L.D.C. secretary Bro. A. Brooker for a report on his meeting with the A.D.M. on Tuesday 5th October ’76. Bro. A. Brooker informed the members that he had been advised by the A.D.M. that there would be no more Sunday duties for Tunbridge Wells depot because of this dispute and any continuation of such action could lead to a further reduction of the Oxted line services.

The Branch Secretary informed the members that to date, he had received no reply or even acknowledgement to his letter of the 29th September to Head office, so could not say if any assistance would be given on this matter.

Bro. Allen questioned as to what contact the Organising Secretary had made with the Branch Officials, and again the Branch Secretary had to point out, that as with Head Office, there had been nothing from him either.

The situation was discussed by the members present and it was agreed that combining the facts of a complete silence from Head office together with the positive action being taken by management over this dispute, careful consideration should be given to the advantages and disadvantages of any further action taken, many points for and against were put forward, but reluctantly, because of Head office silence, and the uncertainty if any assistance in this dispute would be given, it was felt that in the light of managements attitude to any alleviation of the unfair number of loss Sunday duties sufferd by this depot, and the members re-action to that loss, having been made very clear to the management by industrial action could lead to further reduction of the Oxted road services, all such action shall cease as from the completion of this days latest duty.

It was voted 12 for and 1 against and 2 abstained. 

"That as from Thursday 7th October '76 normal diagram working will be 

strictly adhered to."

It was voted 11 for, 1 against and 3 abstained. 

"That L.D.C. minutes in respect of rest day working will apply and a unanimous vote was 

given to accept the present number of Sunday duties."

It was proposed and seconded 

"That Bro. F. Diplock be thanked for his knowledge and help given with the diagram workings in this dispute, and a unanimous vote of thanks was expressed by all members."

It was proposed and seconded. 

That the branch Secretary be instructed to write to the General Secretary expressing their 

utter disgust of the full membership of the Tunbridge Wells Branch, at no reply to their 

correspondence , or assistance in this matter.

A unanimous vote was given to this proposal and the Branch Secretary instructed to make it clear, as to the bitter feeling over this matter of all 38 drivers at the depot, and that the letter be sent recorded delivery.

Tunbridge Wells Branch Meeting

Sunday December 5th 1976 10.30 p.m.

at the Welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station

The Branch Chairman/L.D.C. Secretary, the Branch Secretary and the remaining L.D.C. representatives attended this meeting call. 

All other members failed to attend and the meeting was unable to be held.

District Organiser Neil Milligan visit the 

Tunbridge Wells Branch on Sunday 16th January 1977






On Sunday, September 7, Horsham enjoyed a visit from E.C. Member Bro. D. Fullick, who was once again in fine voice.

Derek gave us a first-class report and up-to-the-minute details of all aspects of conditions affecting our member grades. Particular attention was paid to the B.R. financial position and also to the subject of consumption of alcohol both items gave plant of scope for questions from the floor, and Derek was kept busy to answer them all in the time at our disposal. (When is someone going to invent a 30-hour day?)

A first class meeting, well attended and fully enjoyed by the E.C. Member as well as by the Horsham membership.

W. Hutchings

Branch Secretary

Railway accidents on British Railways

Southern Region 

Central Division

Earlswood 13th May 1976 

Involving Brighton Driver William Kenchington 


Southerham Junction 15th June 1976 

Involving Seaford Driver William (Wink) Mullett 


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