Chairman Bro. R. Taylor

Vice Chairman Bro D. Roberts
Secretary Bro. L. Baldwin

Special Meeting 24th January 1970

Commenced 10.35

Members present Bros. R. Taylor, A. Wray, D. Roberts, E. Spray, W. White, & L. Baldwin

Minutes read and discussed

L.D.C. Report

Signals at Pevensey

Shed Master at Brighton reports that this is in hand, but has not been carried out at the time of this meeting.

Warrior Square down telephone, no sign of movement of rubbish in front of the above mention

Nomination to Executive Committee

Proposed by Bro. R. Taylor and seconded by Bro. A. Wray.

That the Branch should support Bro. W. Williams. Carried unanimously.

Nomination of Delegate to the Trades Union Congress.

Proposed by Bro. R. Taylor and seconded by Bro. L. Baldwin. 

That the Branch should support Bro. Bagihole of Feltham Electric. Carried unanimously.

Joint L.D.C.s Committee meeting

This was discussed very fully and it was agreed that we should wait for replies to the letter from the Branch Secretary when it could be votes on as to whether our members should attend, but the Branch was in favour of it.

10% Pay Rise

Proposed by Bro. R. Taylor and seconded by Bro. W. White. 

That the Secretary should write to Head Office as regard  to how far negotiations have gone in this matter. 

Carried unanimously. 




At the Ore Branch meeting on December 14th Bro Scott (for domestic reasons) and Bro Judges (who has furthered his 

career) stood down from holding the positions of Secretary and Chairman.

We wish to thank them both very much for all their work in the past.

We had a very lively discussion on the future of the depot with a L.D.C. report from Bro. Tingley.

L.G. Baldwin


Special Meeting 22nd February 1970

Commenced 10.35 close 12.05

Members present Bros. W. White, A. Lennard, A. Arnold, F. Jenner, R. Wray, S. Tingley, 

J. Gain, A. Stratton, J. Mould L. Baldwin, & D. Roberts

Minutes of last meeting read and discussed

L.D.C.s Committee meeting all letters of reply read by all members present and it was proposed by Bro. J. Gain and seconded by Bro. A. Arnold. 

That all Branches concerned should be invited to said meeting.

L.D.C. Report from Bro. S. Tingley L.D.C. Secretary. A full report on the labour dispute were discussed.

Circular from Selhurst Branch

Resolution from above.

The sum of £35 per week basic wage for driver to be used and negotiated for during the forthcoming we talks.

It was proposed by Bro. S. Tingley and seconded by Bro. A. Arnold. 

That this resolution should be supported. Carried unanimously.

It was then proposed by Bro. J. Gain and seconded by Bro. Jenner. 

That Sunday should be included in the 5 day week. 

This was also carried unanimously.

Proposal of Resolution by Bro. R. Scott.

I would like to propose for the debate of this Branch that a resolution be put forward to the Society. 

That owing to the unfortunate death of our General Secretary a new Secretary be elected by the members of the Society and that there after a re-election take place every 5 years.

I would also propose that an Industrial Lawyer be employed by the said Society to carry out negotiations of major proportion on behalf  of all members of the Society. 

Seconded by Bro. S. Tingley and carried unanimously 

Meeting closed at 12.05

 Special Meeting 1st March 1970

Commenced 10.30 close 12.00

Members present Bros. R. Taylor, F. Jenner, W. White, D. Hylands S. Tingley, E. Spray, 

D. Roberts & L. Baldwin.

Minutes of last meeting read and discussed.

The following circulars were read and discussed

Election of General Secretary, Rates of pay.

Pay & Efficiency Stage 2 Circulars

Short passenger mileage bonus scheme 40 minutes per turn of duty in addition to present mileage up to 124 miles with effect from 16th March 1970.

Compulsory Trade Union membership. All ’non’ members must join a trade union by 31st March 1970. The one ‘non’ member is to be informed by the Branch Chairman of his position at on early date.

Annual Leave  

L.D.C. Report from Bro. S. Tingley, Secretary L.D.C. At a meeting of L.D.C. Bro. S. Tingley was informed by Bro. D. 

Dickson of a proposed closure of Ore Depot. The date given was 1973, but this is provisional.

The reason given was that Ore Shed was built on a raft and is becoming unsafe.

This matter was then discussed and the general feeling was that this was an excuse.

The following proposals were put forward by member. 

That a letter should be sent to the Society asking for a surveyor to look at the shed and give us a report as we feel that if the shed is unsafe and would be detrimental to our members safety.

Our members also supply information that the shed was in fact built mainly on a road.

Bro. S. Tingley was directed by the Branch to put our case forward to Sectional Council.  

¼ Meeting held 10th May 1970

Commenced 10.45 close 12.35

Members present Bros. R. Taylor, D. Judges, S. Tingley, R. Chamberlain, E. Spray, A. Stratton & L. Baldwin.

Minutes of last meeting were read and discussed.


It was proposed from arising from Industrial Diseases that the Secretary should write to Head Quarters informing them of his diseases.

It was proposed by Bro. D. Judges and seconded by Bro. R. Chamberlain. 

That Bro. R. Buckton supported for the post of General Secretary.

It was proposed by Bro. S. Tingley and seconded by Bro. Taylor. 

That Bro. S. Tinsley be supported to represent us at the Labour Conference Area 5.

L.D.C. Report

Mileage was discussed and it was decided to support our L.D.C. and also thank them for their effort on our behalf in this matter.

Ore Closure was discussed 


It was proposed that Bro. S. Tingley L.D.C. Secretary should follow this matter up.

¼ Meeting held 19th July 1970

Commenced 10.45 close 12.35

Members present Bros. R. Taylor, A. Arnold, F. Jenner, S. Tingley, A. Wray & L. Baldwin.

Minutes of last meeting were read, discussed and found to be correct.

All circular read and discussed

Rest Day Working to discontinue 26th September 1970

This was excepted in principal provided that 8.30 mins rosters were introduced on Southern Region to revert back to 8 hour rosters.

L.D.C. Report from Bro S. Tingley L.D.C. Secretary for Ore.

It was agreed to work 8 1/2 mins rosters but to revert back to 8 hours should redundancies occur. This to be pursed but our L.D.C.

L.D.C. report they have asked for payslips to be in more details  

Closure of Ore

As meeting is to be arranged between management, Sectional Council and L.D.C. Ore, with the view to stay open due to Mr Pattason’s visit to the depot.

Report from Bro. R. Taylor on E.C. meeting

We have a full report on all matters discussed and with to thank our Brother for his time in bringing us this report. 

Branch Fund

It was brought to the notice of the Branch by the Branch Secretary. That the Branch Funs of 1 old penny per member per week was not really sufficient to keep the Fund in a healthy state. It was proposed by Bro. F. Jenner and seconded by Bro. R. Taylor. That from 1st January 1971, that this should be increased to 1 new penny + to 2.40 old pennies

It was also proposed Bro. R. Taylor and seconded by Bro. L. Baldwin that the fund should be used to pay the areas of Bros. attending joint L.D.C. meeting at Brighton. 

¼ Meeting held 11th October 1970

Commenced 10.30 close 12.30

Members present Bros. R. Taylor, R. Chamberlain, S. Tingley, E. Spray & L. Baldwin.

Minutes of last meeting were read, discussed and found to be correct.


Election of Assistant General Secretary, proposed by Bro. Taylor and seconded by Bro. Tingley That Bro. D.K. Pullen of Selhurst should have the clock vote and support of our Branch.

The International Transport Federation Triennial Courses, July 1971, Southern Area. Proposed by Bro. S. Tingley and seconded by Bro. R. Taylor. 

That Bro. Elton of Bournemouth should have the support of our Branch. Carried unanimously

Annual Assembly of Delegates 1971. Proposed by Bro. L. Baldwin and by Bro. R. Chamberlain. 

That Bro. R. Taylor, Branch Chairman should be nominated and supported as the delegate to the A.A.D. 1971.


Bro. E. Spray, Chairman of L.D.C. informed the Branch that he wished to stand down from his position . The Branch decided to have a further meeting to discuss nominations of members wishing to take up Bro E. Spray’s position on the L.D.C.

The Branch wish to thank Bro. E. Spray for all his work, time and effort in the past three years as Chairman of the L.D.C. 

Urgent Meeting held 8th November 1970

Commenced 10.30 close 12.20

Members present Bros. R. Taylor, A. Wray, R. Chamberlain, D. Roberts, S. Tingley, E. Spray & L. Baldwin.

Minutes of last meeting were read, discussed and found to be correct.

Correspondence was read and discussed.

Election of Officers for 1971.

Branch Chairman Bro. R. Taylor, Assistant Branch Chairman Bro. D. Roberts, Branch Secretary L. Baldwin.

L.D.C. Chairman Bro. R. Chamberlin, L.D.C. Secretary Bro. S. Tingley. L.D.C. Stand in Bro. D. Roberts

District Council Bro. S. Tingley Committee for 1971

Bros R. Taylor, L. Baldwin, D. Roberts, R. Scott, S. Tingley, E. Spray & R. Chamberlin.

L.D.C. Report

Rest Day working, proposed by Bro. R. Chamberlin and seconded by Bro. D. Roberts. Rest Days should be work on a volunteers bases until 1st May or until a national Agreement has been concluded to Rest Day working.

Letter from the Branch

A letter laying out this discontent of the Branch on Rest Day working establishment and redundancy arrangement was sent to Arkwright Road and to D. Dickinson, we are hoping for an early reply.

Work content at the Depot

It was discussed at the meeting that the work content at the depot could be raised and the L.D.C. would put all their efforts to this end.

Meeting closed 12.20

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