The A.S.L.E.F. Branches at Brighton Nos. 1 & 2 and Bognor, soon followed the lead that was 

set by the Three Bridges Branch, in particularly by Derek Abrahams and Roy Luxford. They 

sent regular donation of funds and material support, and the fact that there was also regular 

delegations from these Branches to show their support to the various mining communities in 

the midlands.

Tunbridge Wells Meeting

Sunday 15th July 1984 at 10.00 a.m.

at the welfare Rooms Tunbridge Wells Central Station

Miners Strike

Bro. Derrek Fullick stated that a 50p levy, 50% in already, just briefly asked on what will happen to those members who have not paid and those who are volunteering to pay, say a £1.00 a week to the soup kitchen but not to the Head Office. Bro. Fullick asked for these names to be put forward to the E.C. The 50p a week was a good house keeping exercise because of the demands made on the Society in the past few months, N.G.A., C.G.H.Q. and the miners.

On miners most effected it is not the miners down this way who are feeling the pinch so much but the Midlands Area another thing the Head Office is doing that any driver sent home because of refusing to cross a picket line, his days wages is being paid by the inion. District Secretaries in these areas are being authorised to make payment to cut down time and red tape. Depot who are affected are these depots who work is mainly to with the coal as management cannot give them another job.

A.A.D. excepted the above, once explained to them.

On Charing Cross men withdrawing their labour in support was because of police tactics in chasing miners over main lines to catch them turning buses around because miners travelling on them. The miners crime trying to attend a rally.

On soup kitchens these are being operated by the miner’s wives themselves and every penny sent is going to the soup kitchens. Typical meal for women and children is spuds, peas and gravy Monday to Saturday. Spuds, peas and half a meat pie Sundays.

D.H.S.S. holding back payment, some miner’s wives yet received any money. It was this that prompted members attending District Council for each member to donate £5.00 each, totalled £155.00 was collected, which all helps.

It was mentioned that if  money were to be sent and it was for the Soup Kitchen, the Branch Secretaries should write to either 

Notts. N.U.M. Area, Miners Offices, Berry’s Hill Lane, Notts

Yorkshire N.U.M. Yorkshire Area, Miners Offices, Barnsley

If you wish the money to go to the men on picket duty or to help with travelling fund. Then write to Sheffield Area N.U.M.

If you wish to send money to Bettshanger who will then send it on to the pits who need it the most. Bettshanger while on strike are not so bad off as those up north.

Robin Baldock Collection 

Three Bridges Branch Members

Johnny Vigar, Robin Baldock, Bob Home (N.A.C.O.D.S.) & Mrs. Baldock 

Attending the Miners Rally at Doncaster 1984

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