Chairman Bro. H. Allison

Vice Chair Bro. J. Giles 

Secretary Bro E. King

Assistant Secretary Bro. W. Brown

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun Jan. 17th 1937

Bro. H. Allison in the Chair

9 members present

Bros. H. Allison, W. Clarke, W. Ellis, E. King, M. Smith, J. Hillman, W. Brown, 

D. Thompsett & E. Eacott.

Minutes of December meeting read and discussed and passed as a true record, proposed by Bro. W. Clarke and seconded by Bro. J. Hillman.

Bro. Clarke said he had made out the holiday list for 1937, but he said if they could get the "Sussex Fortnight" cut out he would be able to squeeze the weeks up and this would mean a 6 months cycle April to September not inclusive. This was agreeable to all this meeting.

Much discussion arose over "Special Work" at this depot and calling them in when others on duty at the time are available. Pro. H. Allison. That in the event of a "Special" being wanted, men who have been on duty not move the two hours, should be acquired for such special. W. Clarke seconded.

It was proposed that there should be 2 cleaners on at 12.15 a.m. Mondays and senior Cleaners on at 2.0 p.m. Should be brought forward to 10.0 a.m. To do shed work if necessary.

Letter read re National Wages Board Tribunal decision. Pro. By W. Clarke. That this Branch is dissatisfied with the decision of the Tribunal and ask the Executive to press for restoration of 1931 cuts and outstanding programme, and also this Branch will support any action our Executive feel fit to make. 

Bro. Eacott seconded. Bro. Clarke pro. E, King as agent for National Health Insurance. Bro Eacott seconded.

Much discussion rose over complaint brought by W. Ellis re Cleaners doing shed labourers work. Eventually W. Clarke proposed. That we ask for another shed labourer and also some more Cleaners.

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun Feb. 21st 1937

Bro. H. Allison in the Chair

15 members present

Bros. J. Brock, W. Brown, W. Ellis, E. Eacott, G. Chappell, H. Allison, J. Giles, 

M. Smith, J. Hillman, W. Terrill, E. King, W. Goldson, W. Clarke, G. Baker 

& A. Charman.

Minutes of january meeting read and discussed and passed as a true record, proposed by Bro. J. Hillman and seconded by Bro. W. Clarke.

Arising from the minutes, Bro. Clarke gave report of meeting with Mr. Urie on forthcoming subjects

Men on duty less than 2 hours to be available for "Special" work. - Deferred.

New Shed Labourer and more cleaners - Shed Lab. granted Cleaners from Brighton.

Early turn wanted between 8.35 a.m. & 2.35 p.m.turns, No. 2 link - Granted.

Spare Drivers  to learn roads they are not acquainted with - Granted.

Six more lockers to be placed in Drivers Lobby.

Bro. Wilde gave report of Southern District council meeting. This Branch was urged to work strictly to 12 hours rest. Pro. W. Clarke. That Bro. Allison make further enquiries re 12 hours rest clause, when he attends the next S.D.C. Meeting.

Pro. By W. Ellis. That this Branch adhere to 12 hours rest clause. Sec. W. Clarke. Amendment put to this by W. Brown. That this Branch carry on as at present. Sec. J. Giles.

When put to vote amendment was defeated 8 – 7.  


Brighton Atlantic Class H2 No. 2421 South Foreland on Newhaven Shed

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun March 21st 1937

Bro. J. Hillman in the Chair

8 members present 

Bros. W. Clarke, E. Eacott, W. Goldson, J. Hillman, C. Wilson, S. Lower, M. Smith 

& G Chappell.

Minutes of February meeting read and it was proposed by Bro. E. Eacott and seconded by Bro. W. Goldson, they be accepted as a true record.

Items were discussed which were quoted in previous minutes resulting in Bro. Clarke reporting he had made no head way with obtaining agreement to work the 12 hours rest clause, stating he had heard much opposition outside Branch Meeting.

Bro. Clarke also stated, that Mr. Clack, at Brighton had intimated that no gain could accrue to Newhaven by the institution of 12 hours rest threat. Special work now worked here might be covered by other depots and the making of a pair of men to cover special work would incur the possibility of creating as vacancy.

On suggestion of Bro. Clarke it was proposed by Bro.W. Goldson & seconded by Bro. C. Wilson, depot to canvasseed for vote for or against 12 hours rest. Carried.

Proposed by Bro. Eacott seconded by Bro. Goldson. That previous resolutions regarding 12 hours rest be held in abeyance until after a vote had been taken in depot. This vote to be scrutinised by Branch Chairman. Carried.

Bro. Clarke reported no result so far with application that special work be worked by men booked on, if under 2 hour an the provision of a shed labourer & cleaners deferred for the time being. Bro. Cossburns application for driving turn credit was being attended to. Spare driver were to learn road when necessary.

Discussion on minutes then closed.

As this meeting was the last one of current quarter, Proposed by Bro. clarke, seconded by Bro. Goldson. "That Secretary write to Bro. P. Bridger acquainting him with his position as to arrears of contributions.

Bro. C. Wilson informed meeting that he had written Mr. Urie that a cleaners lobby could now be provided for cleaners by utilising part of coalmans lobby. He had received no reply from Mr. Urie and proposed that this matter be placed on Bro. Clarke's agenda for next meeting with Mr. Urie.

Question was raised by Bro. Goldson, that in the event of a man refusing senior duty on any one day such a man not to be given opportunity of senior duty on the following day if such man by working senior duty on preceding day, had, or would have, rendered himself unavailable to work such subsequent duty.

Men refusing a back turn firing job not to be used for an early turn on same day, until junior men are doing firing duties.

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun April. 18th 1937

Bro. J. Giles in the Chair

9 members present 

Bros. W. Brown, J. Brock, H. Allison, J. Giles, C. Wilson, F. Wilde, E. King, W. Goldson & W. Clarke

Minutes of March meeting read and discussed and proposed by Bro. W. Clarke and seconded by Bro. W. Goldson. That they be a true record.

Arising from the minutes Bro. Clarke gave report of L.D.C. Meeting with Mr. Urie on following subjects.

Cleaner use of Coalmen's lobby, Cleaners to use Coalmen's lobby and if they wish, can part it off if they can find wood to do it!

Refusing late turn of firing duty, any man refusing late turn if firing duty on any day, to forfeit any early turn that may come along on same day, until junior men are absorbed.

Clearners assisting in Brick arches, shed labourer to do this work. Matter to be taken up with Marine dept.

Light in Coal man's lobby, Mr. Urie said Waterloo refused to do this. Bro. clarke said he would write Waterloo himself, but Mr. Urie asked him not to. He would write himself and see if they would sanction it.

Sunday list & case, this to be completed and send down within a month. Also 6 more lockers to be placed in lobby.

Spare Drivers learning signals. 7 spare drivers to be allowed to learn road 7 signals to New X & B. Arms via Oxted.

Cleaner Chappell Sunday work. Chappell to work Sunday turns with other spare Fireman.

12 hours rest clause. Mr. Urie said he would work rostered men strictly to 12 hours but men wishing to change turns under 12 hours could make own arrangements.

Bro. Clarke said he had canvased most of the men at this report re 12 hrs rest and he said so far the majority was against it. Bro. Goldson pro. & Bro. Clarke sec that this depot work as it has done in the past for the time being.

More cleaners & shed labourers, shed labourer started but no Cleaners to be employed.

Re Bro. Bridger arrears, Secretary said he had got 17/7 from him, but he still owed one quarter 7/7.

Bro. Collington in arrears again out of benefit.

Fireman Walters requests to return to this depot owing to wife's ill health. Much discussion arose over this case and Secretary was advised to write to Mr. Jeans.

Bro. C, Wilson asked whether Walters transfer to this depot on a vacancy list on compassionate grounds could be contested? He was told it could be contested, and the Company doesn't like acceding to these requests.

Bro. Brock asked Bro. Clarke to see Mr. Urie re full complement of lamps on all engines. Bro. Allison said he would bring this matter up at next S.D.C. Meeting, if he was able to go. If not Bro. Wilde would so.

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun May 23rd 1937

Bro. H. Allison in the Chair

The Reading of the minutes of April could not take place as Assistant Secretary who was temporally in possession of the minute book was absent.

Secretary read correspondence from Head Office detailing results and read out this names which received highest poll.Such results were as follows, 

to fill Parliamentary Panel Bro. S.R. Lunniss King’s Cross, 

Delegate to International Transport Workers Federation Congress 1938 Bro. W. Brown Pontypool.

Delegate Trade Union Congress September 1937 Bro. F.W. Llantrissant

Delegate Labour Party Conference Southern area Oct. 1937 Bro. S.R. Lunniss King’s Cross

Election of Organinsing Secretary A.S.of L.E.&F. Bro. J.G. Baty Newcastle

Secretary next read a letter from Bro. F. Jeans, Sectional Council Secretary, asking if there were any conditions under which Bro. Walter could re transfer to Newhaven i.e. even if he took his proper seniority behind the senior cleaner at Newhaven. Proposed by Bro. W. Clarke and seconded by Bro. W. Terrill. That under no circumstances will this Branch contertian the re transfer to Newhaven of Bro. J.O Walter, so this letter is not substantiated by any reliable medical evidence (that is by Doctor’s letter re certificate) and furthermore information that has come to the ears of various members of this Branch would appear to be in absolute contravention to the reasons stated in this letter. Carried.

Secretary was instruct to reply to Bro. Jeans in this strain. Bro. Wilde gave one or two notes on the Southern Council meeting which he attended last week, but no discussion took place thereon. 

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun Nov. 28th 1937

7 members present

Bros. F. Wilde, E. King, W. Brown, S. Lower, W. Clarke, M. Smith & J. Hillman

Minutes of May meeting read and discussed and passed as a true record, proposed by Bro. 

W. Clarke and seconded by Bro. W. Brown.


Xmas Day and Good Friday Holiday for Drivers and Firemen

re moving of engines in loco yards by unauthorised persons.

Re transfer of members to other depots, Secretary’s to send all details of members position beforehand to Secretary of new depot.

Re L.D.C. minutes to be sent to N.O. for future reference

Re meeting with S. R. representation at Waterloo.  Bro. Terrill case re firing turn not credited with, was brought up at this meeting.

Bro. Clarke said he had not any interview with Mr Urie since May, so had nothing to report, but Bro. Browning had approached him re light in Coal man's lobby. Mr. Urie suggested hurricane lamp, but Bro. Clarke since heard that Mr. Urie had been down again to see about having electric light placed in same.

Proposed by Bro. J. Hillman and seconded by Bro. W. Clarke. That election of officers be held over till December meeting.

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