Chairman Bro. E. King

Vice Chair Bro. 

Secretary Bro. C. Wickenden

Assistant Secretary R. Hooker

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun April 29th 1955

With respect to the implementation of the Head office instruction to withdraw our labour on May 1st, attempts were made to arrange meetings in consequence. Two thing were decide, one, that we hold no meetings until our delegate had attended the District Council meeting on April 25th, and two that if possible any action taken would be jointly with our neighbouring Motorman’s Branch at Seaford. This was arranged, and a meeting held on Wednesday April 28th at 10.45 a.m. and 7.0 p.m. for the benefit of the two shifts of men. Our Branch Chairman was able to be present at both meetings. To share the work and the interest it was agreed to draw up a Strike Committee from both these meetings and four strike committee members were elected included one from Seaford and this together with our Chairman made a total of nine. As we had had such a good response from our appeal for member of the non-union fraternity, the morning meeting decided that picketing, either at Seaford or at Newhaven would not be necessary, but the evening meeting revised this decision and a further meeting was agreed for Sunday Evening to draw up and arrange a picket rotor. As events have turned as far, this Sunday meeting has not been required, but the organising of our action had been completed. A despatch rider had been made. The possible total of those who would have worked at Newhaven, were two N.U.R. men, one non unionist, and one boy cleaner, who would of course not have been available for firing. Amongst other things, had the strike to be place, arrangements were made for members to attend the Labour Club between 10 a.m. and 12 noon daily, also suggestions were already raised for social activities to interest the members.

Strike Committee. 

Chairman E. King, 

C. Wilson, W. Mullett, W. Sharpe, R. Bush, J. Giles, D. Renville, R. Hooker & J. Hillman. 

 Minutes of the Newhaven Special Branch Meeting

held at the Labour Club on May 27th & 28th 1955

Joint meetings were held with the Seaford Branch at the Labour Club, Newhaven, to finalise arrangements for the strike.

It was agreed to have pickets on the Gate on Sunday morning 29th May 1955 at Newhaven Loco. and that no further pickets would be necessary. Members would then meet daily at Labour Club, between 10 a.m. and 12 noon except Whit Monday. 

Pickets were. 

Bros. J. Lower, W. Lipscombe, J. Giles & C. Wickenden.


Newhaven Boat Train raring at London Victoria

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