1898 - 2023


Only 100 badges were made and 80 numbered for Horsham A.S.L.E.&F. Branch Members


Presentations made at the Brighton A.S.L.E.F. Reunion

2nd May 2023

Left hand side top to bottom

Bill Paton 50 year medallion

Dave Penny 45 year badge

Tony Farmer 45 year badge

Bob Kettle 30 year badge
Right hand side top to bottom

Tony Farmer retirement certificate

Perry Garland retirement certificate

Sarah Stinton retirement certificate

Steve Chatfield 20 year badge



Brighton Thameslink Driver Gray Newman, just arrived back at Brighton after 

driving Class 700 128 on his last working day before retirement

Wednesday 21.06.2023


JULY 2023


Back on 24 April 1898, when the ASLEF Horsham branch was formed, I wonder what thought was given to how that would look in 125 years’ time? Roll on 125 years and here we are in 2023 and ASLEF’s Horsham branch is now proudly representing three companies of Southern, Thameslink, and Harsco Rail. Our anniversary was celebrated in style with a commemorative branch meeting and, obviously, afterwards with a drink or two.

We were joined by GS Mick Whelan, EC1 Marz Colombini, and a number of past and present members and visitors. The GS explained what’s happening behind the scenes to resolve the current dispute and encouraged us to stand firm in unity. He then presented long service badges, commemorative badges, and retirement certificates to the recipients in attendance.

Horsham Branch number 102, formally 75D, represents 80 drivers across the three companies, in the market town of Horsham, West Sussex. Horsham driver passenger services on Southern stretch as far south as Portsmouth Harbour, serving London Victoria and London Bridge to the north. Thameslink services leave Horsham to head much further north to Peterborough. Harsco maintenance services cover a huge network across many parts of the country. The depots, despite being split into separate companies, enjoy a strong bond between them of great friendship, with regular social events, and one such event brings them to Arundel each summer for a drink or two. Denise Bloom is the branch’s most senior driver spearheading girl power, and is much respected not just within Horsham, but a most popular driver around the network.

Like all TOCs right now we face challenges in our working environment from government intervention. However, we’ve survived the challenges of the last 125 years and intend to continue doing so for at least the next 125 years, so look out! Horsham is fit for many more years to come, no matter what the future brings.

Mike Ryan 

Horsham 102

 Branch Chair


8th OCTOBER 2023


Kevin Eade presenting Nigel Tippen (24.01.1972) with his  50 Year medallion 





Dave Devonport, a great friend and colleague from Brighton depot, was diagnosed with lung cancer in May 2017, just three months after taking early retirement, and given only six months to live.

Two bouts of chemotherapy and still he fought on and, six years later, he was still with us. But, on 30 July, we received the sad news that he had finally succumbed to this terrible disease.

Anyone who knew Dave will hold very fond memories of a true gentleman who stood by his colleagues and his beliefs. Whether it was fighting the Tories, Brexit, or DOO, he treated them with equal vigour and never once wavered from his convictions. Everyone who came into contact with Dave

Dave (aka DD) 1959- 2023: his badges speak volumes felt they left a better person, and this was borne out at his funeral, where there was standing room only.

Not everyone agreed with his views and, in recent times, he lost faith in our union, ASLEF, as he could never accept the DOO agreement, as it affected too many of his dear friends who were still guards. He felt so strongly that he vowed never to cross an RMT picket line, no matter how much it cost him.

He loved his football, and supported Brighton, even though he originated from Portsmouth. He was a season ticket holder and loved his trips to the Amex, until the last two seasons when it became too much for him.

A true friend and a great socialist who will be sorely missed.

RIP Dave, and keep that picket line going at the Pearly Gates... 

Paul Overington 

Brighton Branch Chair


In 2016, saw the first of the Brighton ASLEF Remembrance (loco) badges, with the proceeds going to the Royal British Legion.

At the end of 2022, a A.S.L.E.&F. circular was sent out, stating that branches must get permission from the Royal British Legion to sale Poppy Branch badges. 

The Brighton branch secretary emailed the Royal British Legion and their response back to the branch secretary, was basically, that the Royal British Legion only want their official merchandise to raise money for their Poppy Appeal. This ended over six years of selling the Remembrance (loco) Poppy badges, which raise a few hundred pounds between 2016 - 2022. 

However, it was decided to create a slightly amended Remembrance badge, and this time without the poppy. The Remembrance Loco badge appears in different colours to signified the various section of society that made their sacrifice during the various conflicts. 

This year all proceeds will be going to various military veterans charities.






Epsom depot has the sad news to pass on that one of its own, John Perry, has unexpectedly passed away at the tender age of 52. John spent his whole railway career at Epsom where he started in 1993 as a trainee driver along with his older brother Alan.

He took great joy in letting Alan know that he was more senior to him (by all of seven days).

It would be exceptionally hard, if not impossible, to find anyone who had a bad word to say about John.

He was an exceptionally friendly and popular driver who got on with everyone. You were always greeted with a friendly smile and hello. It would also be difficult to find a smarter driver, because his appearance was always impeccable. Trousers were dry cleaned, immaculately pressed, and it was

obvious that his uniform was not just tossed on the floor but hung up after every duty.

John loved to keep fit and would often cycle the seven miles to and from his house to the depot, and if you took him off part of his turn, that gave him the excuse to go to the gym for an extra hour or two. His fitness levels were extraordinary, which makes it harder for those of us who knew him to accept his passing.

While he was a Tottenham Hotspur fan, he also liked his local team, Dorking Wanderers, who play in the National League, the fifth tier of English football, and would quite often watch them at Meadowbank, cheering them on.

While being a Spurs fan he endured a fair bit of banter from followers of more successful teams this was always taken as it was meant, a bit of banter. He was an intelligent bloke, which was summed up by his brother:

‘They got it right with him. Me and David (his other brother) certainly never got the brains.’

As well as being intelligent, John could cut you down with a quick quip. On one occasion a driver was banging on about his brand new car. He went on and on about what it had, culminating in a paean of praise for its parking sensors. John dryly responded: ‘My car has got parking sensors, too. They’re called my eyes!’

Since his passing this small depot has been in shock, as have drivers from other depots as well.

There is the greater railway family to which we all belong. There is also the depot family which has united in its support of our fellow Brother Alan. Just as nice and popular as his brother John, but, we have to remember, seven days less senior.

John shall be missed by his colleagues. Even more so by his brothers, their families, and his step- son Jae. We shall continue to support our colleague Alan through this difficult time. The memories and stories we have of John shall be shared, both now and in the future.

While he has been taken away from us much too early, his life shall be celebrated for all he achieved. Epsom depot and staff would like to pass on our condolences to his family. And thank you, John, for the many years of friendship and comradery you had with us. A true gent, not to be forgotten. 

Dave MacLennan 

on behalf of Epsom drivers

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