1991 was a year that special importance it was our centenary. The branch was first formed in 

1891 with 24 drivers.

Since those early days, the branch as steadily grown in numbers and has shown a interest in 

the rights of A.S.L.E.F. members not only in the Brighton area but nationally.

To mark the centenary we held a dinner and dance, jointly run by the Traincrew Social Fund 

who annually organise a retirement event for traincrew staff.

As this dinner and dance was regarded as something special, Hove Town Hall was hired. This 

enabled us to cater for over 400 people and as special guests of honour we invited E.C. 

Member J. Davis and District Secretary L. Warboys. Other guests were members of our 

Sectional Council and representing our local management, our Area Traincrew Manager and 

Depot Manager.

General Secretary Derrick Fullick was due to attend; but at the last hour, he was called away 

to Robin Thompsons, solicitors on urgent union business over the recent collision in the 

Severn Tunnel.Len Warboys agreed to stand in for the G.S. at the retirement presentation and 

along with the Area Traincrew Manager presented our retiring members with a certificate 

and tankard. Their wives received a gift voucher for all the support they have given to their 

husbands over the years.As the General Secretary was unable to attend, we asked Len to 

accept, on his behalf, a specially engraved tankard marking our centenary. This he did, and 

apologised on Derrick’s behalf for being called away. Len said that he would present the 

tankard to Derrick on return to Head Office.

A special mention has to be made of all the past Branch officers for all their hard work over 

the years. Without them, the cornerstone of the union, A.S.L.E.F. would not be a union.

Our thanks to our present chairman, Bro. W. (Bill) MacKenzie, for all his hard work at 

A.A.D., District Council, L.D.C. and the Branch. Finally our thanks to the Social fund for 

putting on a great function.

C. Newton 

Brighton Branch Secretary  


MARCH 1992


The Chairman welcomed those present at the Special Branch meeting on 2 February and asked E.C. member Bro. John Davies to give an up-to-date report on the Restructuring talks.

We were left in doubt as to his position and that of his fellow E.C. members and our General Secretary.

There is absolutely nothing in D.R.I. document sent out to all driver in January that is acceptable to the union. John made this very clear - absolutely nothing.

What the General Secretary has asked for now is a balance sheet from B.R.B. showing the actual savings that will be made if we agreed to these proposed changes to our conditions of services. This is a vital prerequisite before any constructive headway can be made in future discussions.

John stated that the £22,000 asked for by A.S.L.E.F. included outstanding monies from previous agreements, like Driver-only, Easement of Manning and Traincrew Concept.

It was also brought to our attention that a leaked document from B.R.B. included a hidden “shopping list” of further productivity items they are looking for from drivers.

There was a feeling, said John, that this D.R.I. document may be a ploy to provoke us into industrial action; or it was designed to stall real negotiations until after the General Election now that privatisation is firmly on the political agenda.

Great concern was shown on what could happen to the B.R.B. pension fund if the railways were privatise. How would the pension fund work and more importably, how would it continue to meet its outgoings to retired members?

Derek Abrahams 

The possibility of new companies setting up their own pension funds or taking part of the current B.R.B. pension fund with any current employees they may engage? Private pensions for individual employees is also a possibility that may come about of concern to us all, and make the B.R.B. promises a little hollow in this present political climate.

We were reassured that there would be no possibility of this or any similar unrealistic offer being put to a ballot. Also, at this stage, there appeared to be no question of this sort of document being imposed on us by the B.R.B.

On the question of our future and privatisation John was unable to answer questions any more than anyone else. It all depends on the next Government we get and that is why it is vital to support the Labour Party at the coming election and to get rid of the Tories from power.

The meeting then passed the following resolution: “That this Branch wishes to thank Bro. J. Davies, our E.C. member, for his attendance here this morning. Also through him we wish to thank the other E.C. members and General Secretary who have recently been in negotiations with management over Driver Restructuring proposals.

Through them, we would like to forward our thanks to Mr. M. Tham, the B.R.B Project Manager, who forwarded to us the D.R.I, booklet, which has affectionately been nicknamed ‘Mr. T’s little Green Book’. This booklet containing Mr. Tham’s proposals, has given us all great entertainment value since receiving it through our letter boxes in early January.

“Sadly though, this meeting feels it can express the feelings of the overwhelming majority of drivers on the South Central Sector of N.S.E. when we state that the £13,300 offer made by the B.R.B. in conjunction with D.R.I. proposals is so unrealistic, it cannot be taken seriously.

"To be honest we see it as a joke. It’s a farce, it is comical and simply ridiculous. On a more serous level it is extremely insulting to a hard working and highly productive group of people who are quite prepared to negotiate seriously if the price is right.

“Therefore as drivers and members of A.S.L.E.F. on the South Central Sector of N.S.E., we instruct our negotiating team to continue negotiations with the B.R.B.

“We wish however, to make it clear, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that a minimum £22,000 is the price tag for drivers on this particular section of the B.R. network. If this or a similar amount of money is not forthcoming from management, then to continue in negotiations with Mr. Tham and his colleagues will be a complete and total 101% universal waste of everyone’s time.” 

Derek Abrahams

Branch Reporter



MARCH 1992

I have read the D.R. I from British Rail dated 14 January and I feel a few of my thoughts would not be a miss.

Some parts I do agree with i.e a maximum of 55 rostered hours in any one week; no split shifts; 12 turns of duty in any two weeks; 12 house between shifts; and, of course better wages and better pensions.

What I feel needs a lot of attention is turns of duty not over five and half hours and no P.N. Breaks. On the Southern Region (Central), five hours continuous driving on a suburban stopping service would in my opinion, would not only be soul destroying but a big safety risk. I can foresee many angry L.D.C. meetings over this problem.

On page 7 of the report, the final paragraph: M&EE staff moving units within depots. If this takes place, what’s going to happen to drivers unfortunate enough to fail medical or eyesight tests? It makes you think!

Finally, why has it taken British Rail so long to realise that they need more recruits for driving when the unions have been telling them for years that a shortage of  drivers was bound to happen, but no notice was taken?

Best wishes to you all, and may you have good health and strength to get a good deal for all.

W (Bill) Hutchings

Retired, Horsham Branch



A.S.L.E.& F. 



HELD ON APRIL 24th 1992


The meeting was opened by the Chairman Bro. W. Mackenzie who then requested the 

opportunity of addressing the meeting. 

The Chairman pointed to the present state of affairs on the Machinery of Negotiation, he 

point out how drivers tended to concentrate on the D.R.I., yet letting other issues be 


April 6th 1992 was the date management set to withdraw from the 1956 Machinery of

Negotiation and put in place an interim Machinery. Bro. Mackenzie continued with reference 

to some L.D.C.’s and their Reps. within the area of the Sussex Coast and how they have been 

undermining the formal Machinery by making deals with managements which were in breach 

of the Machinery, these deals are being implemented by managers, who give special 

allowances to Minder Drivers.

These representatives should, if they had any conscience resign their positions on the


Brighton Branch and the L.D.C. are maintaining that these members along with others who 

are Minders should be treated exactly as per the Train Crew Agreement, and not to any 

management arranged deals which are outside the agreement.

At this point the chairman introduced our guest speaker Bro. M.A. Allen from Section 

Council ‘B’. Tony thanked the Branch for the opportunity of talking to members, the talk was 

both frank and in lighting, he started by explaining the 1956 Machinery, and that 

management now considered the Machinery ‘dead’ and that from April this year, here 

introducing a new interim Machinery before a full machinery later.

This was to be centred on and around the new Profit Centre and that any grievance(s) would 

only be dealt with at Profit Centre level and no further. All local level grievances would be 

dealt with by local managers and on the subject of Health & Safety Reps. this issue has still 

to be decided but in both cases no issue or grievance would be progressed above the Profit

Centre level.

The B.R.B. wanted to have the new Machinery in place by July 1992, and yet clearly we must 

not be intimidated by their approach and resist the attempts to introduce this proposed 

Machinery.Under the new set up councils would be as follows.

Profit Centre Level

Management Side 8 Reps - Staff Side 8 Reps.

Local Level Council

Management Side 2 Reps - Staff Side 2 Reps.

The other two Council level have to be decided on.

Again it is clear that without a proper system of grievance, management would undermine 

Trade Union Representatives.

P.T. & R.

Again this has deferred to a later date. Bro Tony made it very clear that each ‘Business 

Council’ may under the new proposals, withdrawn from the Machinery at any stage and 

introduce their own.

All staff side representation would only be allowed to progress to ‘Profit Centre Level’, and 

that all Staff Side Reps. would be elected by secret ballot.

Bro. Tony continued to explain the union’s outline proposals and what sort of deals have 

been employed by E.P.S. and Manchester Metrolink, what is of concern is the view stated by 

our Chairman that D.R.I. was given preference to overshadow the Machinery talks, and yet 

clearly the Machinery was of a greater importance.

Bro. Tony then took questions about the proposals, after which a request for a resolution was 

called for. The falling resolution was proposed. 

Proposed J. Osborne Brighton Branch & seconded S. Fuller Eastbourne/Seaford Branch.

“That the proposed draft regarding the new Machinery of Negotiation are totally 

unacceptable to this body and that the membership be brought fully up to date on the 

negotiation talks.” 

Voted Unam.

The Branch Secretary then called for a vote of thanks to Bro. Allen’s full and frank meeting 

and to our Chairman Bro. W. Mackenzie. 


W. Eames of London Bridge Branch

G. Morris of London Bridge Branch

M. Allen of Seaford Branch 

These three nominees stood the three positions at the  election of Profit Centre Representation 

Network Southeast South Central. This cause major issues that only one member can be 

nominated from one branch and highlighted the issues surrounding the new election 


Brighton driver Ron Hubbard's last day on the railways in 1992

Left ~ Right:Brighton drivers

 Rod Constable, Ron Hubbard & Dick Lawrence.


Photo thought of been Seaford Driver Bill Lipscombe’s Retirement do

Paddy Stapleton, Tom Holder, Dave Creasey?  John Nash, unknown, Charlie Evans, 

Vic Morris, Vic Harris, George Caulfield, Bill Lipscombe, Bill “Wink” Mullet, 

Seaford Guards Gill Smith & Stan ? 

Bill Lipscombe ended his career at Brighton  M.T.


APRIL 1992






 Stuart Fuller, Vic Morris & Len Warboys

The 20 January, saw the retirement “do” for Bro. Vic Morris of Seaford depot.

I would especially like to thank Len Warboys who drove all the way from Swindon that evening to make the union presentation to Vic on our behalf. Once again, Len, thanks.

Vic started on the railways at Newhaven Loco on 21 February 1944. He was to be there for the next 19 years, seven months until he got his driver’s job at Brighton Mixed Traction on 9 September 1963.

He was not there long and got his transfer to Seaford depot on 18 November 1963.

He has been at Seaford since, until last driving turning on 3 December, 1991, and official retirement date  was February 1992.

Vic nearly completed 48 years’ service and we all wish him and his wife a very long and happy retirement. We shall all miss him

S.J. Fuller

Branch Secretary

Eastbourne Driver Jim Newett C1992

APRIL 1992


You have done us all proud. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the weekend school at Southsea on Saturday and Sunday 14/15 March. It was excellent value for money and I cannot wait for the next in October

The hotel was First Class in every form and everyone was so friendly and I was made very welcome. The memories of those two days will linger with me for months to come. Once again, Len, thanks for such a fantastic event.

Stuart Fuller

Eastbourne Branch 

Littlehampton & WestWorthing Train Crew First Aid Training 

Back row Left ~ Right: Bob Maxim (L'hm Driver) & Chris Chewter (L'hm Guard) 

Middle Jim Cameron (W. Worthing Drvier ), Ken Pursley (W. Worthing Driver), 

Ken Skilton (L'hm Driver), Bill Locke (L'hm Driver) & Jim Parkes (W. Worthing Driver).

Front Ian Munro (W. Worthing Driver) & Tony Squires (L’hm Guard).


APRIL 1992


Like most drivers who have read the management’s D.R.I. proposals, I feel totally disgusted that we should have been insulted in this way, but I would like to draw attention to B.R.B.’s only real selling point on D.R.I. -that is pensions.

Firstly, the levels of proposed pension increases are peanuts compared to the proposed levels of productivity increase being asked to finance them. But, on a more serious level, what happens to these proposed increases (as well as our ability to maintain our current level of B.R. pensions) should the railways be privatised.

After all, pension money and its possible transfer to new financial institutions and external non-railway private pensions is one of the big selling points for privatisation.

What would be the situation if newly denationalised B.R. staff, now working for one of the new private sector companies - be it Railfrieght, Network SouthEast, Regional Railways or InterCity - decide, as individuals or a group, and proceed to “do a Maxwell” and transfer their current funds and contributions to one of the many private pension schemes?

After all, non-railway institutions will simply be queuing up with new financial offers and incentives to get their hands on the thousands of newly de-nationalised staff now working for the private companies.

At this stage, what happens to the old B.R. Pension Fund, the long-term promises contained in D.R.I., and pensions in general for ex-B.R. staff? Management should clarify the position of the B.R. Pension Fund now, in relation to future privatisation, rather than make vague and questionable promises that may never exist.

D. Abrahams

Three Bridges


Derek Abrahams

 APRIL 1992


You have done us all proud. I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the weekend school at Southsea on Saturday and Sunday 14/15 March. It was excellent value for money and I cannot wait for the next in October

The hotel was First Class in every form and everyone was so friendly and I was made very welcome. The memories of those two days will linger with me for months to come. Once again, Len, thanks for such a fantastic event.

Stuart Fuller

Eastbourne Branch 


Ron Terrill


MAY 1992 

The A.S.L.E.F. Executive Committee during their May 1992, session dealt with correspondence from the Staff Side, Secretary of LDC ’B’ Seaford, dated the 25th May 1992. The correspondence was regarding the re-opening of a Branch of A.S.L.E.F. at Seaford. Len Warboys the District Secretary No.1, was instructed to investigate the feasibility of the re-opening of a Branch at Seaford and to report back to the Executive Committee. On the 23rd June, 1992, after considering the report from Len Warboys, the Executive Committee instructed Len Warboys to carry out the necessary arrangements for the reopening of the Seaford. 

Seaford Branch of A.S.L.E.F. 

re-opening meeting held at the Seven Sister's Pub on 

Sunday 5th July 1992

Len said “This is a very historical day for the Branch and was pleased to 75% turnout of the Branch to witness the re-opening, after eleven years and five months of closure. He was no doubt that the Branch would take an active role within A.S.L.E. &F. District Secretary then called for nominations for the Chairman”

Chairman’s remarks on the re-opening of the Seaford Branch, after eleven years and five months of closure the Branch re-opened. To be recorded in these minutes the date the last Branch meeting was held. Thanks to the L.D.C. Secretary Stuart Fuller for his efforts in getting the Branch re-opened. Thanks to the General Secretary and the E.C. for allowing the Branch to re-open and also to the District Secretary Len for coming to perform the actual re-opening. Thanks to the last Branch Secretary Bro. V. Morris, who is now retired for his efforts as the last Branch Secretary.

 Seaford ASLEF Branch Collection

 Seaford Branch Officers

Left ~ Right Tom Holder (Branch Trustee), George Caulfield (Branch Trustee), 

Paul Horan (Ass. Branch Sec), Tony Allen (Branch Chairman), 

Len Warboys (District Secretary), Stu Fuller (Branch Secretary) 

& Richard Kemp (Vice Chairman). 




Sunday 5 July 1992 become a very historical day. It saw the re-opening of the Seaford Branch (No. 180) after 11 years of closure. In attendance was ur District Secretary Len Warboys and there was 75% turnout of the Branch membership to mark this occasion which was held in the Sven Sisters public house, Seaford.

Len was in the chair to open this inaugurate meeting. He said this as a very historical and good day for the Branch. He felt it would play an active role in the union.

Then Len called for nomination for the Chairman. And Tony Allen, our Sectional Council member was voted in as Chairman of the Seaford Branch.

Tony then carried out the election of the Branch business and the Standing Orders and he said thanks to the General Secretary and the E.C. for allowing the Branch to be re-opened and thanks to Len for coming to perform the actual re-opening.

We also thank Eastbourne Branch for their comradeship and hospitality over the past 11 years and five months which was greatly appreciated by us all.

5 July was a very momentous and significant day to us all; one that will be long remembered by us all.

S.J. Fuller

Branch Secretary

Eastbourne Driver Bob Kenyon 

waiting to depart from Ashord with a 

Hampshire D.E.M.U.

Bognor driver Les Friend's Retirement

Left to right standing :- Nick Bullimore (Bognor), Vic Lambert (Bognor), Stan Janaway (Litlehampton), Tony Watts (Bognor), Bart-Jones (Bognor), Harold Stokes,(Bognor) Graham Kingshott (Bognor) , Ian Chivers (Bognor), Ron Cann (Bognor), Harry Brown (Bognor), Mark (sparky) Watkins (Bognor,), Ray Vincent (Bognor), Mick Donnelly (Bognor), Arthur Budden (Littlehampton), Terry (Barney Rubble) Edwards ( Littlehampton), Mick Collie (West Worthing), Todd Slaughter (Littlehampton), John Sullivan (Nine Elms & Bognor) . 

Sitting Left to right: Russell Dare (Bognor), Eric Knight (Bognor) , Les Friend (Bognor), Alec Price (Bognor), Don Giles (Bognor)


NOVEMBER 9th 1992

After debating *Circular 327, and also District Council’s letter, and Counli’s Delegate’s 

report. The following resolution was proposed. Proposed W. Jones & seconded T. Fielding.

“That this branch fully support District Council Resolutions of 26th October 1992, 

and wishes to add the following.”

“That this Branch wishes to express it’s total disgust at the decision of the A.S.L.E.F. 

Executive Committee to disenfranchise Branches in District No.1 in the election for 

Functional Council Reps. Further that the favouring of ones Branches nominations 

against another is not democratic.”

Voted Unam.


Nominations For Branch Officals

Current Branch Officals were standing with addition of two new committee members, Bro. F. 

Langridge &  W. Jones, with the added rider:-

“That the membership is so incensed at the E.C.’s handling of the Functional Council’s 

Elections, that the current branch will not elect a committee for 1993.”

* The main point of concern amongst the delegates was regarding the recent A.S.L.E.F.’s 

circular No. 327. 

This circular was in relation to A.S.L.E.F.'s view towards the election process of the newly 

formed Functional Councils (now referred to as Company Council) which were to replaced 

the old Sectional Council.

The Brighton Branch was so appauled by A.S.L.E.F.'s positon on this matter and decided to 

moved a resolution was to supporting the A.S.L.E.F.'s District Council No. 1 

resolution (Brighton Branch Resolution No.12/92).

Left ~ Right Graham Lawrence, Neil Wallhead, John Rutter (Instructor) 

& Bob Schofield (Norwood)

Railway accidents on British Railways

Southern Region 

Central Division

London Bridge 25th November 1992




Exploratory talks aimed at agreeing a new agenda for British Rails Driver Restructuring Initiative have collapsed, Branches were informed in mid November.

They were called off when the management attempted to table a new package on which no negotiations had taken place. Details have been sent to Branches.

The Executive Committee’s DRI team took part in exploratory meetings with BR representatives in an effort to produce an acceptable agenda which would enable formalised talks to begin.

An exploratory meeting was scheduled for the morning of 4 November and prior to its commencement, the BRB’s two senior representatives requested an informal discussion with the President Willie O’Brien and General Secretary Derrick Fullick.

They advised that, while the Board had agreed to a whole number os issues, (which ones were not specified), they had indicated that in view of the Government’s position on public spending/borrowing cuts and their alleged position on a pay norm/freeze for public sector workers for 1993, they could not agree to anything on the financial side of DRI which had not been cleared by the Government themselves.

The Board anticipated that they would not be able to clear such matters before the end of February 1993.

Once the President and the General Secretary had been advised of the position, they immediately cancelled the informal meeting scheduled for that morning and the EC adopted a resolution encoring their action. 

On 6 November, the EC President and the General Secretary met the BRB Chief Executive and BRB Group Personnel Manager and were advised that Board were now going to send a non-negotiated package to Head Office on 9 November.

This non-negotiated package was receive after the office had closed, but the Executive Committee remained in session until 21:45 hours in order to study the proposals.

After the discussion, the following unanimous decision was taken by the Executive Committee: “That the correspondence be noted and the Director, Employee Relations BRB advised that the new package of pay and conditions for railway drivers and the conditions attached to thereto are totally unacceptable to this Executive Committee.”  

“Further, the General Secretary be instructed to circularise all Branches and LDCs on BR to the effect that thee have b been no negotiations in respect of the package as the informal preparation of an Agenda had not been concluded.” 

It was agreed that the document would also form a Supplementary Report to the Special Recall AAD.

1992 A.G.M.





As a result of Branch resolution No.12/92 and that there was not a 

quorum no members were nominated for office and that this 

branch will not be able to conduct any business. 

District Secretary and Head Office informed of current position.



 AT 20:00 ON THE 14th DECEMBER 1992




May I through the medium of the Journal say thank you to District Secretary Len Warboys for the assistance he gave me in obtaining a successful result in my Appeal at the Independent appeals Board Tribunal against a decision of the Department of Social security.

He has bee most caring in the assistance he has given me many months. It is nice to know that we have men like Len who care so much for their fellow men in times of trouble.

I enclose a cheque for £20 for the Orphan Fund. With every good wish

Les Friend

Retired Driver

Bognor Regis

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