Chairman Bro. A. Pearce

Vice Chairman Bro. H. Stedman
Secretary Bro. H. Howard 
Assistant Secretary Bro. A. Scott

Meeting held at British Legion Club 

1950 A.G.M.

January 11th 1951

Election of Officers for 1951 was discussed at length, moved by Bro. A. Scott and seconded by Bro. D. Boyle. "That the small attendance renders it undemocratic to proceed with election. Therefore we consider it to be in the best interests of the Branch for the other shift to be given an opportunity of having a seperate meeting when no doubt the attendance would be larger."

Chairman Bro. Stedman & Bro. D. Boyle Secretary are both willing to serve in capacity in the interest of the Branch.

Other Business

Request from Bro. Allington, through Secretary for advice about the position of Motorman waiting for their final move to their home station, because of the manner in which the opportunity to do so is being retarded by the interpretation by Sectional Council No.2 of certain clauses in the new promotional scheme. some discussion took place on this matter and it is considered most in just for Motormen in such positions to be required to take their seniority with the dual link. Secretary instructed to write to Head Office.

Meeting held at Community Centre 

January 30th 1951

Members present Bros. 

W. Sharp, R. Bush, S. Howard & A. Pearce.

A meeting held at the Community Centre on January 30th 1951 to assist the election of Officers for 1951, Bro. A. Pearce in the Chair.


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