Chairman Bro. A. Rookley

Vice Chair Bro. W. Brown 

Secretary Bro. E. King

Assistant Secretary Bro. M. Parsons

Minutes of the Newhaven Branch Special Meeting

held at the Labour Club on Sun February 20th 1944

Bro. A. Rookley in the Chair

The meeting was opened at 7.15 p.m. By Bro. Rookley, who with a short few remarks from the Chair called upon the speaker Bro. W.J. Cleaver to address the meeting. Bro. Cleaver in his remarks spoke of the activities of our Society during the years of the war. Calling to our minds, the propaganda used by the Government to increase the war effort, in so doing he called to mind the pledge of "Equality of Sacrifice" necessary for the conduct of the war, but by so doing reminded as of the unequally as forthcoming from the Government. 

Bro. Cleaver went on to explain how the Society endeavoured to safeguard our interests in these times of National Stress, and gave an outline if the proposed National Agreement, together with the proposals for a superannuation fund. Many and varied were the point touched on by Bro. Cleaver who made it plain to all present that as vast changes may take place in the Railway managements or some form of public ownership be evolved, together with other means of transport, it was more than ever necessary that we had parliamentary representation, and called upon member to pay the political fund to assist to this end.

Munition Train at Seaford


MAY 1944


It is not often that we have to appear in print; indeed, our meetings are often few and far between, due largely to the war and the various war time activities in which everyone is involved in greater or lesser degree. An exception come on February 20th when a special meeting of the branch was attended and addressed by Organising Secretary, Bro. W.J. Cleaver. Those of our members, and those from Seaford Branch who attended at our invitation, received a fine tonic in the speech delivered by the speaker, who, only having an hour for same, had to be brief. Bro. Cleaver spoke on the situation to-day, and trend of events, and outlined our Society’s policy for the future, making special reference to our need for political representation in Parliament, and our need to support the Political Fund. We tender our grateful thanks to Bro. Cleaver for his visit and hope that next time he visits our branch still members will be present to hear his message

Branch Secretary


Newhaven Harbour June 6th 1944

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