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Bro. A. Hallworth was present at our special meeting on April 12, with members from Eastbourne and Ore branches also attending.

Our Acting Assistant General Secretary gave a long address on compensation, etc., also dealing with pending pensions for all male staff, but members would like to know how things are progressing. Bro. Hallworth when dealing with compensation impressed members as to reporting injuries when in process of their duties, as this meant so much to those concerned when claiming under Common Law.

All members thanked Bro. Hallworth after the very interesting meeting, at which many questions were asked.

At our monthly branch meetings the attendance is about average, but it would be much appreciated by all the Officers if a few would make an effort to attend whenever possible- especially some of the younger members. Also we would like to thank our L.D.C. Secretary (Bro. G.O. Dray) for the reports he gives, also Bro. A.W. Lennard for his untiring work at District Council.

In closing, it is with deep regret that I have to report the death of our late members Bro. A. Bishop and his wife in such tragic circumstances.

D.W. Sargent

Branch Secretary

[We join in expression of sympathy to the braved. - EDITOR]


Newhaven Driver Maurice Giles & Fireman unknown 




It gives me pleasure to report the regular attendance at our branch meetings of the "Faithfuls" who have interests of their job at heart. All members would have found the 
meetings lively and interesting nature, and would have heard at different times addresses by 
E.C. member E. Cordell; Organiser W.J. Cleaver, and Sectional Council member M. 
Renshaw, with subjects and discussions of vital interest to all Motormen. So please, Brothers, let us hope that the attendance for 1953 will improve. Apart from the branch work, the Retirement and Social Committee have organised and held several social evenings during which any retiring comrades have been presented a sensible gift, also they are made to feel that they will not just drop out of line and be forgotten as in the past. The attendances at these functions have grown considerably since their inauguration, and at the last one, held in a good-sized room, it was standing-room only in a short space of time. The committee wish to thank all who attended on these occasions and appreciate the fact that their efforts to please successfully are not wasted .



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JULY 1953


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The September meeting rightly expressed its appreciation to Bro. A.W. Lennard for his very able report of the 1953 A.A.D., also the Special A.A.D. held recently to discuss the proposed Pension Scheme.

The subjects he dealt with show that some very hard work is ahead if the footplate fraternity are to better their cause.

He expressed the dangers that could be brought about by the Government now in power, as this was brought out in the President’s address to the Conference.

Bro. Lennard gave those present, including members from Eastbourne, a lengthy report on the work carried out in the nine days of conference, and on the Pensions scheme.

One of our most loyal members to the cause of the men at the “front end” has now retired, and we wish him (Bro. G. Giles) all the best in his retirement.

D.W. Sargent

Branch Secretary.

Brian Cook Collection 

A lost time ticket awarded to Horsham Driver Charlie Cook whilst working a goods train from Hove Yard to  Battersea Yard

28th AUGUST 1953

On the 28th August, 1953 Freight Services between Chichester to Cocking and Singleton ceased after the closure of both stations on 28 August 1953. The line to Lavant remained open.

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