Three Bridges - East Grinstead - Ashurst Junction closed 

on Sunday 1st January 1967

On Sunday 1st January, 1967, was the last day of operation with the 22.08 Three Bridges to Tunbridge Wells West. The 22.09 from London Victoria via East Grinstead High Level and Forest Row to Tunbridge Wells was the last service to work over this section.

No further trains used East Grinstead High Level, the St Margaret's Loop and Goods Spur were also closed.

Three Bridges to Rowfrant was retained a little longer to serve the oil depot at Rowfant.  

It was another two years before the track was lifted on the branch and station buildings demolished at Grange Road and East Grinstead.

The short spur between Ashurst Junction to Groombridge closed on the 5th January 1969.




At our A.G.M. appreciation was  expressed to Driver F. Marshall (retired) for services to the Branch; also a welcome was given to recent appointees to the depot from other Regions. 

The November meeting dealt mainly with items for the 1967 A.A.D.; the principal item concerns the Driver’s rate on a salaried basis and consists of a formula which would give the E.C. room to manoeuvre in the light of negotiations.

It was submitted that Second Men should automatically receive a rise on passing a driving examination.

The A.G.M. consisted almost entirely of discussion on L.D.C.; D.C.; Form 1; Manning of Traction with hand operated D.S.D.; Continuous Duty; Rationalisation of E.M.U.T. and M.T. Depots, Central Division; Change of Booking-on Point; and the difficulties being created before the move takes place, through another Department taking over the Shed before the present occupants move out.

Branch Chairman.




The meeting on January 13 agreed to the proposal that a presentation be made to Driver C. Stokes for services to the Branch.

The taking over the depot by the C.C.E. came in for further discussion. It was pointed out that the taking over of redundant depots with men still in them was taking place all over the country to the detriment of those men; so that as this was a national problem, a motion was adopted to go to H.O. 

The averted non-cooperation was discussed at some length. It was notes that the redundancy safe-guards were reaffirmed, which was welcomed. 

An investigation was asked for into the cause of two fires on electro-diesels – one involving a Three Bridges Driver. A motion was formulated and submitted to H.O.

Branch Secretary

Three Bridges


MARCH 1967 


The meeting on May 2 commenced with one minute’s silence for the Fireman B.A. Brown, killed in a accident on his way home from work, a great loss both to his parents and to the depot.

The bonus dispute was then discussed and a resolution was voted reaffirming the Branch’s previous resolution on manning and bonus, endorsing the E.C.’s decision to press for a flat-rate payment.

The rest of the meeting was turned to Mr. K. Perry, Staff Side Secretary, Sectional Council No.2, he talked on the closure of the Guildford and Heathfield (Cuckoo) branches.

There would be a loss of four turns ----- and one R.D.R. at Three Bridges – as there are vacancies the lost would be three Drivers surplus. Another item was the proposed amalgamation of E.M.U.T. and M.T. depots; this is interesting as it would eliminate the nuisance of relief ------ as they have served no useful purpose. The amalgamation proposals depend on the revision of R.S.N.T. L211.

Vote of thanks to Mr. Perry was passed.

Branch Secretary

Three Bridges

**Owing to the fold of journal in the binder, it was difficult to read the full report, this will be addresses shortly.


Polegate to Hailsham branch line



The Battersea & Clapham Junction (name was a short lived name) was renamed back to Battersea Battersea. 

The date is not known and hopefully confirmation will be known shortly!

Extracted and adapted from

Tunbridge Wells Branch Meeting

Sunday April 30th  1967 at 10.45 p.m.

at the Welfare Rooms, Central Station

The Branch then recorded their vote for Bro. W.H. Williams Feltham Electric as their candidate for Executive Committee Representative, District No. 1.

The L.D.C. report was then given by Bro. Brooker following a meeting held at Waterloo on April 8th and at Victoria on April 26th. The purpose of these meetings being the new timetable, extra trains units weekdays, less on Saturdays and Sundays, and the staff position for immediate future, a very interesting report.

Following this came the report from the Branch Chairman and minute Secretary on the Public Inquiry Meeting at the Assembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells on  Wednesday, April 26th, 27th , & “28th into the closure of the Lewes to Hurst Green line. A vote of  thanks from the floor was given to the Chairman and Secretary for their coverage of this meeting.

There being no other business, the Chairman thanked all members present for their attendance and closed the meeting at 1.0 p.m.

Members present Bros. R. Bridger, A. Brooker, A. Rigby & K. Savage.

Railway accident on British Railways

Southern Region 

Central Division

Yapton Crossing 25th May 1967


JUNE 1967

In June 1967, the E.M.U.T. depot at Effingham Junction Central, and the South Western Leatherhead E.M.U.T. depot closed in June 1967. Three Effingham ‘C’ were made redundant, Drivers R. Black (15.03.1948) & M.J. Oakley (15.04.1952) transferred to Effingham South Western depot and Driver H.C. Wilkinson (02.06.1948) transferred to Guildford E.M.U.T. depot. Leatherhead branch of A.S.L.E.& F. also closed at about the same time.
Effingham E.M.U.T. South Western remained open and closed in the late 1980s. 

There was also redundant drivers / firemen at Redhill E.M.U.T., Ore E.M.U.T., Cannon Street E.M.U.T., Ascot E.M.U.T., Lymington Loco, Nine Elms Loco  & Farnham

 Extracted and adapted from

Ore Branch Meeting 

25th June 1967


Bro. Wrisburgh informed by Seaford, Brighton & Eastbourne L.D.C.s that there would be no Rest Day working with redundant men at depot. Branch decided Bro. Wrisburgh should write letter of protest to Head Office.



Dave Shopland, Ray Young, Bob Hickman & Eric Hodgkinson




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