Chairman Bro. F. Wilmshurst

Secretary Bro. A. Harrison 

                                   Branch Meeting held on 10th January 1937

Moved Bro. H. Stedman and seconded by Bro. A.G. Scott. "We have every confidence in our Chairman Bro. F. Wilmshurst".
Moved Bro. E. Tucknott and seconded by Bro. H. Stedman. Officers be elected en block.
Explanation given by Secretary re Head Office letters and the necessity of a resolution, moved Bro. A.G. Scott and seconded by Bro. H. Stedman. "Having discussed Railway Staff Tribunal findings No.2. We are of the opinion that the re Assembled Delegates should press for restitution of all cuts and 12 days holiday with pay each year." Carried Unam.
A discussion then took place re booking of Xmas Day & Boxing Day. Bro. F. Wilmshurst waived his right to any preference for 1937.

Secretary A. Harrison & Bro. A. Pearce attending evening meeting, Bro. A. Pearce attended evening meeting and supported morning minutes.

Meeting held on 1st March 1937

This amendment to Battersea resolution be sent to General Office for A.D.D. May 1937. Add to and that provision be made for increased representation on E.C. Further that consideration be  given to the setting up of a District Council for Motormen only.

Proposed Closure of Seaford Branch

September 1937

A Special Meeting held on the 5th September, 1937

 with a fair percentage present. 

The question of appointing a Secretary was discussed, owing to Bro. Harrison resigning not being able to get anyone to take over same the following resolution was carried unam. 

Proposed by Bro H. Stedman, Sec. by Bro. A. Scott 

"Owing to Bro A. Harrison resigning through ill health, we the members of the Seaford Branch feel that it would be in the interests of the Society and save expenses owing to the small number here to dissolve the Branch and transfer to Brighton No. 2 Branch." Carried Unam.

A Meeting was held on the 28th November, 1937

Present Bro. Sweeney Organising Secretary, F. Wilmshurst Chairman, H. Stedman, E. Tucknott, A. Pearce, W. Smith, D. Boyle & A. Harrison.

To consider the resolution of the previous meeting. Re closing of Branch owing to position of no Secretary.

Bro. F. Wilmshurst stated the case and read correspondence from Head Office stating that it was contrary to their principle to close the Branch.

Bro. Sweeney spoke for some length on the case and expressed his wish that the Branch should be kept open. After a lengthy discussion it was moved by Bro. E. Tucknott and seconded Bro. D.O. Boyle that the resolution be rescinded and the Branch remains open. Carried. 

It was then moved by Bro. A. Pearce, and seconded by Bro. H. Stedman that this meeting be the general meeting and elected Officers for 1938. Carried

No recorded meetings were held from 
November 28th 1937 until December 31st 1944

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