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 Spike Jones & Bill MacKenzie

Paul Horan & Vic Morris (Former Seaford A.S.L.E.F. Branch Secretary)

When Vic worked at Newhaven Shed, he was better known as 'POP' Morris. 

He was a great driver to work with and he had a great sense of humor. I worked with him a few times on the footplate.

Extracted from the web site 'Our Newhaven'
By William Still ex-Newhaven Fireman

Mick Hawkins 

 John "Chalky" White & Ron "Burglar" Terrill

Left ~ Right: Adrian Wales (B'ton, L'ham & B'ham), Neal Cowdrey (B'ton, N'wood & B'ham), Steve Blaikie (B'ton 2nd Man), Steve Sylvester (B'tn, Bog & B'ham), Andy Carnell (B'ton, L'ham & B'ham) & Chris Horlock (B'ton & W.W.)

Andy Gregg & Bob Attwood

Maurice ‘Dougal’ Hunter 

 Background L~ R:Matt Cole, Rex Kichener, Chris Newton, Terry Parsons, Mick Hawkins, Roger Matthews, Malcolm Gurr, Dave Penny, Mark Johnson, Tony Luff (Horsham), Phill Stoddart, Bill MacKenzie, Spike Jones, Colin Smith (T.Bdgs) & Dave Swaffield.

Foreground Steve Sylvester & John Hutson.

Tony Farmer & Dougal 

Mac MacCabe (Brighton) & Colin Gent (Sfd & Ebne)

 Ken Punter (B'ham, Bob Waghorne (Ore) Chris Newton (B'ton) & John Lillywhite (Bognor)

Andy Gregg & Roy Bond

Rodney & Charlie Constable  

 Left ~ Right: Tony Luff (Horsh), Ray Standing (Bton), Dougal, Bill Patten (T.Bgds), Ian Breeds (Bton), George Hards (Bton), Don Payne (Horsham)

John Carney (centre) surrounded by former Brighton footplate men 

Left - Right: Dave Morgan (B'ton, Wimbledon & Fratton), Colin Easton (B'ton,Toton & Pborough), Tim Schofield (B'ton, Fratton & Eastleigh) & Maurice Hunter ( B'ton, Hither Green & Eastliegh)

 Left ~ Right: Ron "Burglar" Terrill & Gordon Hoad

 Vic Clarke, Dougal & Eddie Ricketts

  Left ~ Right: Vic Morris (Nhvn & Sfd), Peter Gambling, Roy Bond, Malcolm Bradford, John Mould (Ebne & Ore) Unknown, Billy Kenchington, Vic Clarke, Jackie Sanders (l'ham) & Dave Shopland (T.Bdgs).

 Left ~ Right: Mick Hawkins, Rod Constable, Dougal Charlie Constable & Bob Jones

  Claire De Marinis, Simon Weller, Simon Smith, Dave Swaffield Martin Style.

Background L ~ R: Mick Hawkins, Unknown, Charlie Constable, Bill MacKenzie, Bob Jones & Unknown

Foreground Gordon Hoad, George Burton (Horsham), Ken Punter, John Lillywhite & Trevor Fielding

  Rex Kitchener

Dougal (Brighton, Hither Green & Easliegh), Bob Dorking & Dave Morgan (Brighton, Wimbledon & Fratton)

Left ~ Right: John Mould, Bob Waghorne, Vic Morris, George Hards, Ralph Stobbert, Bill Paton, Chalky White, Ian Breeds, Ray Hammond, Dougal, Andy Gregg, Malcolm Bradford & Roy Bond 

 Paul Edwards & Roger Matthews (Brighton & Westbury)

 Left ~ Right: Steve "Goosey" Gandey, Claire DeMarinis & Andy Gregg

 Left ~ Right: Ray Hammond & Ian Breeds

 Phil Plaine.

 Left ~ Right Chris Horlock, Tim Schofield, Dave Morgan & Trevor Parsons.

 Left ~ Right: Mark Organ & Dave Lace.

 Left ~ Right:  Spike & Dougal

Some of Brighton's Secondmen from the 1980s

 Left ~ Right Steve Blaikie, Dave Lace, Neal Cowdrey, Andy Carnell, Richard Lewis, Adrian Wales

 & Dave Morgan

 Back row Left ~ Right: Dave Morgan, Andy Carnell, Chris Horlock, Tim Schofield, Richard Lewis, Mark Organ, Trevor Parsons, Ian Osborne, Neal Cowdrey & Paul Edwards

Front row Left ~ Right: Steve Blaikie, Dougal, Colin Easton, Dave Lace, Matthew Cole, Roy Bond, & Tony Farmer.

 Left ~ Right: Trevor Fielding & Paul Edwards

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